Jonah and the Big Whale Bible Lesson +Easy Craft!

Happy Thursday!!
Can you believe I’m actually blogging twice in less than 24 hrs?! I thought yesterday’s craft was so cute that it must be shared immediately!
Yesterday we learned about Jonah! I love the story of Jonah and it was personally one of my favorites growing up!
We learned how Jonah was playing “hide and seek” with God but the only difference was that Jonah was not having fun at all!
We cannot hide anything from God and when He tells us to go do something we’d better listen.
I told the kids that we are much like Jonah in the way that we tend to hide things from God. And that no matter how many sins we’ve committed we can always come to God and confess it to Him, and he is faithful and just to forgive us of ALL our sins.
I could see their shocked faces when I told them that God is always willing to start on a clean slate with you.
They very much enjoyed the story of Jonah and were eager to start the craft.
This week’s craft was so fun and interactive!
All you need is: Paper to print out Jonah and the whale, Clothespins and Glue!

I went on Google Images and found a perfect whale and Jonah for my craft and printed it on blue paper.

After you’ve printed the whale out you’re going to cut the lower part of his mouth. This piece will go on the bottom like so using white glue and holding it for 30 seconds.


Then you want to attach the top part and Jonah on the back!


And that’s it! Super easy and fun! The kids loved playing with it !



Til next Time!


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