About ModestlyHot!

Hello there! My name is Ashley, (most people call me Amber!) a modest fashion blogger from the gorgeous Salt Lake City, Utah! I am currently attending West Coast Baptist College in sunny California; pursuing wherever the Lord has planned out for me! I am a lover of all things glamorous, glitter and of  course the color PINK! My passion is definitely becoming an entrepreneur all while combining faith and fashion!



ModestlyHot originated late one night when browsing through Pinterest and Instagram trying to find a girl that I could personally relate to my faith and fashion!

Seeing that there was a need for more trendy modest fashion I secured my username on all major social media sites and just went for it not exactly knowing what to expect!


I am not going to lie that I was completely terrified at posting my first outfit even though I only had about 60 followers at this point. What would people think? What if they don’t like my style? All these doubts and fears kept circulating my mind until I finally took the jump and am SO glad I did, mainly because I’ve gotten to meet so many girls that can relate with me with the difficulties of dressing modestly!

So here’s to all you #skirtsgirls, THANK YOU for taking this journey with me and to continue to support me!


God Bless!




For collaborations or business Inquires:
Feel free to contact me at: ModestlyHot@live.com

Just wanna chat?

Have a question, comment or concern?

Just shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to reply and help out anyway I can!

Also you can follow my daily fashion diary on Instagram : @Modestlyhot

Pinterest: @ModestlyyHot

Modest Boutique: ShopModestlyHot

14 thoughts on “About ModestlyHot!

  1. Hi! I hope his is what I need to do to be entered for the giveaway! I couldn’t find where to “follow” your blog.
    Thanks for the giveaway! And I LOVE all your outfits you put together 🙂

  2. Hi Ashlee,
    Thanks for liking my recent blog post!
    I’ve just been reading through yours and love your energy and the outfits you put together – you’ve given me inspiration for a lot of new ideas to try!

    I was wondering if you could tell me more about what ‘the modest movement’ is? I live in Australia and have never come across it before but have noticed that I’ve had different women in the US who have blogs related to modesty have been coming to mine and I’m interested to understand it more.
    Yours in gorgeous skirts!

  3. I absolutely love love your style! Not only do you look amazing and dress on point, but its modest too!!!! 🙂 I always look forward to seeing your latest photos on Instagram:D 😀 :D.. You have fan all the way from South Africa… Xx

  4. Me encanta su blog pues creo y a mi punto de vista es la manera correcta de vestir pues la forma de vestir hoy en día degrada a la mujer como tal, en cambio cuando una mujer viste modestamente y aparte a la moda Wow😍😍😍😍 ¡ es cuando uno de hombre nota la diferencia pues no es por nada pero lo exterior es un reflejo de nuestro interior.

    Bueno solo pasaba a dejar mi comentario para que veas que todavía hay hombres k les importa la manera de vestir de la mujer aparte que usted es muy bonita y sabe portar su estilo muy propio.

  5. Hello There… My name is Nedaviah. I work for Kosher Casual and would like to extend the opportunity to become an Affiliate. Please send me your email address/contact information so I can let you know about this great offer. Thank you!

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