DIY Mason Jar Fall Decor

Happy Saturday Everyone!
I was feeling a bit crafty this past week and am so excited to share a pretty easy DIY fall decor!
I am obsessed with mason jars lately! They’re so cute and easy to craft with!
I originally went on Pinterest and was looking for fall decor and I stumbled across mason jars used as vases!
I must admit I am not a huge fan of fall decor in general since the colors are very neutral with no glam or shine to it at all! But I thought that I could “glam” up these shabby mason jars just a smidge.
So I went to my local Michaels and grabbed all the supplies needed.

For this craft you will need:
-Chalk Paint in white
-4 Mason Jars
-Foam Brushes (they’re only 50 cents each)
-Stencils ( optional )
-Flowers in pretty fall colors
-Craft Paint in Gold/Copper

First off you will need to paint the first coat of chalk paint onto the mason jars. This paint is so amazing! It dries so quickly like within 5 minutes it’s completely dry. First coat done!


Apply a second coat and allow it to completely dry as we will be using stencils next!


Next you want to take your stencils and tape them on real good! (You don’t want to paint outside the lines.)

I painted the font with gold craft paint but as I finished my mason jars I thought it needed a bit more sparkle and shine to them! (I know I know I can’t help myself )
So after the paint dried I added white craft glue on the letters and sprinkled gold glitter on them! Okay now we’re talking! I absolutely loooved how they turned out! So glam and chic!


Now let’s talk about the cost
The chalk paint was the most expensive at $8.00 but I still have a lot left for future projects!
Michael’s can get really pricey really fast but what I suggest is that you use coupons.
I used my SnipSnap app which is the most awesome app ever! It’s pretty much mobile coupons right off your phone!
The Stencils I used were from Martha Stewart and were originally $7.00 but with the snip snap app I found a coupon for 50% off of one full priced item which brought it down to only $3.50! That’s more like it!

I hope you enjoyed this craft as much as I did making it!

Til Next Time


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