Modest “Little Red Dress” Featuring Mod Posh Boutique+Giveaway!!

Ahh yes the classic little red dress, the one dress that every woman needs at any given moment to be prepared for any special occasion, wedding or event!

But actually finding a “little red dress” that’s not so little can be a struggle!

Thankfully there are shops like Mod Posh (by my fellow blogger friend)!

A classic red lace victorian inspired dress that is both modest AND glamorous!


And it’s finally back in stock! A dress that is sure to impress at any wedding, event or graduation for sure! Plus, did I mention that it is only $35?!

When in doubt… Put a Bow on it!

This dress is gorgeous all on its own but for a little added pop of cuteness and sparkle I added my go-to belt from Two 12 Fashion. 


Reasons why I am loving this dress: 

  1. A modest high neckline that is covered in lace
  2. A classic A-line pleated shape
  3. Dainty and feminine scalloped lace hem for a high fashion look
  4.  It is fully lined and completely modest!


Recently, these lace up heels have been taking over the fashion and Instagram world! I knew I had to get on the bandwagon and picked them up also in the color black!


I love supporting small modest shops that are good quality and affordable! Mod Posh has so many stylish modest skirts that are on my wishlist!

I love Instagram shops because they make shopping so much easier and they usually give many outfit inspirations/combinations with that article of clothing.


Pssst…. I have a secret!  I loved my dress so much that Mod Posh and I have teamed up to bring you lovely ladies a giveaway of anything you’d like on their Instagram! There will  be a giveaway going on today in a couple of minutes 😉 Enjoy!!



🍂🍁🍃Modest Fall Fashion: Plaids,Navy & Burgundy Featuring Sierra Brooke Clothing!  

Hello and Happy Sunday!! 😍💛 

Way to go we’ve made it to another week closer to Christmas Break!! 

I apologize for being totally M.I.A. This week but we had the pleasure of having a local high schooler visiting  our dorm for College Days which made the week pretty full!

In the midst of all this we still had our classes, homework, services and some pretty awesome activities! 

Like Laser Tag in the church gym! 

 So here’s a quick recap on the activities we helped to set up for College Days! 

Bubble Soccer! (Still pretty sore from this!😆)   
Rochelle,Me and Linla! ❤️❤️❤️

It was so much fun setting up laser tag even though I feel like I need to catch up on sleep!😴😴 😴

Without further ado let’s move onto today’s outfit!! 


I just adore my Sierra Brooke Plaid Dress!!!😍😍😍 

Isn’t the plaid perfect for fall and the holidays?!?🍂🍁🍃 😍🌲❄️🎁

This dress can be worn alone and the cut of it is super stunning! 

It features a classic navy plaid pattern with princess seams and is just the right amount of length for modesty purposes! 

One of the reasons I am huge fan of this dress is because it is so versatile! Also it doesn’t require any ironing and you can just grab it and go! (Gotta love that!) 


I decided on giving this dress a bit of a fall fashion tranformation! 🍁🍂🍃 You’ll probably  see this dress featured in my upcoming Holiday Lookbook !

Fall Fashion Style Tip*

You can transform any outfit into fall fashion by adding key accessories such as shown above. 

Anything cognac,burgundy, deep reds and Browns will transition any outfit to fall!🍁🍂🍃

I just adore my Two 12 fashion cognac wrap belt! I am always wearing it!

This wine colored bubble statement necklace from Our World Boutique  Has definitely been a Fall essential this season! Go ahead and check out these amazing sites! They are so affordable and friendly! 

Two 12 Fashion: 

Follow on Instagram @two12fashion

Our World Boutique :

Follow on Instagram: 



 For hair and makeup I decided on soft Browns and matte dust rose colored lips and blush color from E.L.F.!

For $3 they are totally better than some high end brands at Sephora!

I’m currently wearing  the shade “Tea Rose ” which makes a great everyday neutral! 

Since this dress has a Princess style  cut, it is only fit to accompany it with Princess hair!👑

There’s just something about pinning back only one part of your hair to the back that makes for a classy feminine hairstyle!

That’s wraps up today’s Sunday’s best!

Till Next Time !

Also don’t forget to check out this stunning navy plaid dress from Sierra Brooke!(links down below!)

Sierra Brooke Modest Clothing!

Follow on Instagram:


God Bless you!💙❤️

Modest Church Outfit! How to Style a Tulle Skirt!

Happy Sunday To you all!!!

Boy it was a HOT day here in Utah! I mean wearing a tulle skirt in 90 degree weather was probably not the best idea but I was feeling in high spirits today and wearing bright colors was a must!


You might recognize this skirt from one of my previous lookbooks, the ”Modest Disney Princess” LookBook !

I only wore it once for the photo shoot but I finally found it again just casually hanging in my closet begging for me to wear it again!


You might recognize this ”shirt” from one of my previous outfits!


Lol I wanted to wear a crop striped shirt from Forever 21 that is EXACTLY like this one but it was a long sleeve top and it was much too hot for that!

Here’s a little fashion hack that I always use! Wear your dresses as tops for your high waisted skirts!

Sometimes the perfect top isn’t really a top!

So instead I wore this She Inside pencil dress as my top today since it was short sleeve!


For my necklace I wanted a chic and polished look so I opted for a gold necklace I purchased from Claire’s!


Truth be told I woke up this morning with second day Flinstone hair; so up it went! (Gotta love 2 minute hairstyles on a Sunday morning!)


Fashion Inspiration for today’s outfit goes to the fabulous bumble bees!


Well that wraps up today’s church #ootd ! I hope you all have a short Monday tomorrow!

Til Next Time



Outfit Details:

Yellow Tulle Skirt: Windsorstore

Striped Pencil dress (Used for today’s shirt): She Inside

Black Bow Heels: GoJane

Happy Mother’s Day from My Mom to Yours!

Happy Sunday Girlies!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day!!

Oh moms where do we even start?!

I’m going to start off with a true story my mom told me when I was little that I told to my Sunday School this morning.

There was once a mom and a daughter living in a foreign country in the time of war.

The mother would always beg the daughter to learn how to cook, clean, sew/knit every night with her.

The daughter scoffed at her mother and had no desire to learn these basic life skills.

Months went by and the war broke out.

The enemies would knock down doors and kill everyone living in the house unless they could prove that they were useful somehow.

The enemies knocked down the door of where the mother and daughter where living and the mom began begging for their mercy.

The enemies didn’t shoot them but they agreed unless they could prove they were useful somehow their lives would be spared.

They promised to return the following morning to see what the mother and daughter had made.

There was no way that the daughter could ever learn how sew/knit in just one night and they needed two projects to hand in to the soldiers the following morning.

Can you imagine how the daughter must have felt?!

The mother spent all night sewing and stitching a blanket and she reassured her daughter that everything’s going to be okay and that she should get some sleep.

The soldiers came bright and early that morning to see what projects the mother and daughter had made during the night. The angered soldiers saw only one project made and asked, ”Who MADE THIS?”

Before the daughter could even speak, her mother said, ”My daughter has made the quilt that is in your hands…”

The soldiers took the mother and executed her that day.

She sacrificed her life to save her daughter’s life.

As i finished the story, I could tell the kids were shocked and many of them had teary eyes.

I told my Sunday school class that the next time that their moms would ask them to clean their room, or learn something new, that they would think of this story instead of the,”Do I have to?” response.

My mom is amazing!

If one day I could have the same class and kindness she portrays everyday I would be so grateful!

She is a caregiver and it takes one big heart to take care of someone else 24/7.


Alot of you girlies ask where I get my style inspiration from? And this classy lady right here is the reason why!

Hey thanks mom for turning a tomboy to a lady!


My mom is ALWAYS carrying a smile on her face! and boy does she have some patience!!

I know thank you is probably not going to cut it, but THANK YOU!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Til Next Time!



Feminine Floral + Classic Stripes Outfit! + How to Pattern Mixing!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a fabulous week and a great Sunday service!


I had the pleasure of going to Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip Festival this week! All you Utah Locals know what I’m talking about!

It’s a gorgeous festival where more than 250,000 tulips are in bloom!

It’s so picturesque!


A week or so before going to the Tulip Festival I entered a giveaway on Instagram that the Salt Lake Project was hosting!

I rarely enter giveaways but I thought it was worth a shot! (And I had a couple of minutes to spare before going to work lol)

The following week came rolling by and the giveaway was still fresh in my mind (which is odd for me since I tend to forget things like that!) but I wasn’t very hopeful that I was going to win. Later that day I was on the phone calling Thanksgiving Point to see if I could purchase tickets ahead of time and just as I looked down at my screen I saw an Instagram notification from the Salt Lake Project congratulating me for winning the tickets!! Woohoo!! I was so excited and very grateful!

Thanks again Salt Lake Project !!!


For today’s church outfit I decided on wearing a new arrival from my boutique hitting the site tomorrow morning!

Ya’ll ready for this one?!


Yesssss! A striped floral ball gown skirt!! Oh my gorgeous you guys!! I think this might be my all time favorite skirt!!!


Immediately as I got the shipment I gasped out loud! It was pattern mixing perfection!!


I decided on having some fun and do some pattern mixing! You gals have been asking me on how to mix prints and I thought I would explain how to mix and match with patterns!                                                                                                      1. Stripes and Floral Print!


You can never go wrong with this combo!

Why does this work? Because the stripes are black and white thus making it a neutral!

Adding a pop of floral is like adding a pop of color!

If you are intimidated of mixing patterns just start small! For example adding a leopard belt to a striped pencil skirt is still mixing patterns but in a more toned down, less scary kinda way! Slowly begin to get more comfortable with mixing patterns and then you can start mixing and matching like a pro!

Another tip is to make sure that you do not focus on the different patterns but the colors!

As long as both the clothing items have unifying colors and go well with each other you are golden!


For example in my outfit today I have a black and white polka dot top paired up with my striped skirt, this works because the whites and the blacks both match up and are unifying colors throughout the outfit!

Also make sure whenever you are pattern mixing to make one print smaller than the other. Never wear the same size print together since it will look rather odd. Ex. The polkadots in my top are smaller than the stripes on my skirt!




The scenery at Thanksgiving Point was so gorgeous!

I was getting pretty tired from walking the 55 acres of Thanksgiving Point in the hot sun! Too bad the golf carts were all sold out! :/ Hahaha I’m surprised my makeup held up! lol (Rimmel Lasting finish foundation is ahhmazing btw!)



My favorite place in Thanksgiving Point has to be the ”Secret Garden”!  It’s so quaint but romantic!




I truly felt like a classy princess in this skirt! I love how different outfits make you feel different things!

So many ways to express yourself without ever having to say a word!



This skirt will be available tomorrow on the site! Shop ModestlyHot!

Hope you girlys enjoyed this post!

Til Next Time!

God Bless You!





Floral Sunday💐

Happy Sunday! Gorgeous weather today! Kinda bumming it today on my outfit, I was not in the mood for curling/straightening my hair this morning so up in the air it went! This skirt is gorgeous! Perfect for Spring, summer, fall and winter sooo yea all the time I guess! My floral skirt was on sale at h&m ! Love how it has a zipper on the front!
For a more classy look I threw on a boyfriend style blazer and some bling! Instantly dressed it up a bit more without feeling too overdone.

Til Next Time