LIFE UPDATE: Where have I been?!?! & Modest Fall Lace Dress featuring DownEast Basics 25 Year Anniversary!


Is anyone out there?

What can I say? It has been awhile and you guys have just been so awesome and understanding through my college transition yet again!

The good thing is that I am finally all settled in and midterm examinations are over! (Can I get an amen to that?!)


Exciting NEWS!! I have been a huge fan of DownEast Basics for years and they recently contacted me to help them celebrate their 25 year anniversary! #25yearsofdowneast


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DownEast holds a special place in my heart because they took a chance on me when I first started blogging and gave me that extra boost of encouragement that every blogger needs when they first start out. I am thrilled to see how God has blessed their company and how far they have come!

Reason #2 why I love DownEast is because they started from humble beginnings in my home state, Utah!

P.S. Every skirt girl needs to make a trip down to Utah “aka” modest shopping heaven! 14680509_10154567289693838_6897378747497153496_n.jpg

Their new fall collection has been released and I immediately knew that I wanted this “country chic” cream lace dress! Perfect for fall, spring, summer and even winter!


I absolutely love the fit on this dress, the perfect fit and flare! It is very difficult to find fit and flare dresses that actually are long enough (40″length size small)!


Since fall is my utmost favoritest (yes I realize that is not proper English grammar 😉 ), season of all, I had to do a fall themed carnival photoshoot.

It was quite comical pretending to shoot fall outfits when the temperatures were in the 70’s! #californiaweather



Accessories can instantly transition any outfit from season to season, so for that reason I chose my horse bit buckle belt, cognac riding boots, and a vintage inspired bucket style bag!


That lace detailing though!!

Most bloggers hold extravagant floral arrangements, I as a broke college student hold a baby tumbleweed I found on the side of the road 😉 amberr-85amberr-86

Despite the lack of the color green out here, the desert does have a beauty of its own especially those amazing sunsets and sunrises!




Oh! Before I forget in celebration for their 25 year anniversary  DownEast is having a HUGE Anniversary SALE on different items every single day! DON’T MISS OUT! They are already pretty affordable and add a nice 25% OFF on top of that?! Yes please!

As always all the outfit details and links about this blog post will be neatly listed below for your convenience 😀




What I Wore:
Cream Lace Dress: DownEast Basics

Cognac Bucket Bag: Just Fab 

Tall Brown Riding Boots: Michael Kors

Special Mentions: 

Photography by: Ashley Orellana

Orellana Creative Facebook Page 

Orellana Creative Instagram: @Orellana_creative

Sponsorship and Clothing Provided by:

DownEast Basics Home & Clothing

DownEast Official Facebook Page

DownEast Official Instagram: @downeaststyle

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*DISCLAIMER* Thank you to the generosity of DownEast Clothing for sponsoring this photoshoot and post! Please note that all my opinions are still my own as I only promote companies that comply with ModestlyHot’s core values of modesty.


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Love in Christ,
















ShoeDazzle, JustFab + More Shoe HAUL!

Hello friends!!!

Happy 100th Post!!! I woke up to a WordPress notification that ModestlyHot has written 100 posts today!

There isn’t anything else I’d rather do than to create content and share it with you guys!!

Shoutout to all you faithful blog followers that keep sticking with me (even though I ramble at times lol)! A standing ovation to all of you!

So Saturdays are meant for shopping right ladies? And by shopping I totally mean online shopping! No waiting in lines, sore feet, or spending more money than anticipated!

So without further ado, let’s get on with the shoes!!


So for these first three pairs of shoes I actually went to the mall and stumbled across a hot shoe sale! 😉

All the shoes were on clearance for just $5.99!!!



Immediately I gasped and said, ”CINDERELLA SHOES!” They have a gorgeous double t-strap heels with these cool glitter holographic print all over the shoes!

I couldn’t resist picking up the gold pair as well!





Can you say Valentino?! I love these rockstud sandals that very much resemble Valentino!

I fell in love with the red stud details, and the vibrant color!

Now onto the online purchases!! Let’s start with ShoeDazzle !


GASP!!! Am I dreaming ?! Is this real life?!! These shoes are the total Princess package!! ❤

They kind of remind me of Kate Middleton or Princess Diana!


The style of these shoes are the ”Lennox” style and is everything you’d want for a special occasion!



Hello Gorgeous! I was beyond thrilled when I opened up the pink ShoeDazzle box and saw these adorable spring wedges!!

I am not a huge fan of wedges, but I couldn’t resist these beauties!




Okay guys Think FAST! What do these heels remind you of?



……..*Jeopardy Themed Music Plays*…………..


If you answered;

Who is Minnie Mouse?

You are totally spot on!

And they’re actually called the ”Minnie” on Shoedazzle’s site!


I also picked up another pair of the ”Minnie” shoe in a soft baby blue gingham print!


Aren’t these stunning?!

To make the deal even sweeter you can get ShoeDazzle heels for 75%OFF using my personal referral link below!

Get 75% OFF ShoeDazzle Heels Here!



These are some more of my shoe picks which I have yet to receive in the mail!





So these sandals are 1000X better than this picture will ever show!

I got them from Just Fab at their End of Summer Clearance Sale a month ago and let me tell you that these were the smartest purchase yet! They go with everything!




If ya’ll follow me on Instagram then you guys know that these beauties have been on replay constantly in my outfits!

The color is what got me! I have a soft spot (more like weakness) for anything cognac colored!

You guys can get 50% OFF JustFab Shoes by also checking out my personal referral link below!

Get 50% OFF JustFab Shoes!


Well that wraps up today’s post!! Hope you all have a blessed day!

God Bless!



Modest Style Diaries: Classic Striped Ball Gown Skirt! Featuring My Shop!

Hello Friends!!

Have you ever had those days where you just want a little pick me up?! For me an instant pick me up is a classic matte red lip, especially for ”tired skin” days!


I am so pleased and excited to announce the re-open of my shop!! And I have some pretty exciting arrivals in store, one of the them including this skirt!


Hello there Gorgeous!! ❤

You all know how much I LOVE ball gown princess skirts! They’re elegant, classy and so chic, and this one happens to be from my shop; Shop ModestlyHot!



As I was styling the skirt I wanted to give it a New York meets Retro feel to it.

I wore my J.Crew Button up Shirt with a huge red vintage belt to cinch in my waist! To add to the glamour I wore my ”one size fits all” necklace! The reason why I say that is because that this necklace from Purple Peridot goes with every single outfit! It’s like the little black dress for jewelry!



Hair of the Day: I guess I could tell you that wearing an ultra chic top bun was part of the planned outfit, but ima keep it real with y’all and say that I just didn’t want to deal with my curling iron and have weak arms at the end of it quite honestly! #longhairproblems




These ball gown princess skirts are now on the website!

They’re just $32!









That floral and striped one though!! ❤


Well that wraps up today’s post!

Hope you all have a blessed day!

God Bless!


Ashley ❤

Just Fab End of Summer Clearance Sale!!!💕

Happy Saturday Girlies!!
Just a heads up on an amazing sale Just Fab is having for just 3 days only!!

I received an email from JustFab about their End of Summer Clearance Sale and I couldn’t resist to take a peek!

I mean Just fab under $10?!! What? Unreal.
So here are some of my favorite fashion picks from Just Fab!


These shoes!!😍😍😍🙌 Aah! I scored them for under $10!
They are the “Belen” style sandals and how cute are they?!!
The color is cognac is so boho chic!

Gasp!! I couldn’t resist all these Fab sales!


The next item I bought was a gorgeous jean skirt with button detailing all the way down! I love love skirts with buttons in the front! I’m not really a fab of jean skirts but this one was the exception!




That fringe skirt though!🙌
Perfect for fall!

To make the deals even sweeter, You can score items from JustFab for 50% OFF when you sign up with my personal referral link below!

End of Summer Clearance Sale!!

Don’t miss out in these Fabulous deals and steals!!
I can’t wait to receive my order!!

Til Next Time,

UPDATE : I just got an email that my order has shipped!🙌 😂 say whaaaa? I just ordered an hour ago!

The Classy Closet Series: Spring SHOE Haul!

Hello Lovelies!!

Happy Shoesday Tuesday!


I am starting a new series on the blog; The Classy Closet Series!

Take a look inside my closet and my fashion finds that I’m currently loving!

This will be a very easy going and random series!! Pretty much I will be posting my opinion on fashion topics, current trends, clothing and shoe hauls, closet organization tips etc.!

Well since today is Shoesday Tuesday I decided that doing a Spring Shoe Haul would totally be fitting!

For the past couple of months I have been pretty good at my shoe impulsive buys! I just was not excited about any of the new styles on the market.

Until big shoe companies started to come out with these bad boys!


I know right?!! Now its pretty obvious that these were inspired on the infamous Valentino Rockstud pumps!

But for a third of the price! Yes please!

I just love how these heels just add such a bold statement to any outfits! Naturally after owning one pair I needed to keep building my collection with more of these fab heels!

So as I was doing some night owl shopping on GoJane  they were having a 60% OFF sale off all shoes! Plus I had an additional 10% OFF coupon from Retail Me Not! (More savings=more shoes! )

And that very morning my goodies were on their way!

Their shipping is wicked fast! There’s nothing better than coming home to a big box of new shoes!!


Totally made my day!! When I opened the box the first pair of shoes were these gorgeous black studded pumps!

I knew I had to have the black ones since they would go with every outfit and I would totally get my money’s worth! (I’ve already worn them with 4 outfits!)



My next pair of shoes were these Tiffany Blue/Turquoise Heels!! Aaah!!! The color is so right on for Spring/Summer!

I was kind of hesitant of purchasing them since the color is very bold and would probably be worn only around Spring, but they actually go with a lot of outfits especially for adding a fun pop pf color!

IMG_1770                          IMG_1771                           Two words: Hot Pink and Studs!

Of course I had to get them!! HAD TO!! I’ve given these shoes alot of wear already! haha! Am I the only one who beats up their shoes much too quickly?!!

IMG_1774                           IMG_1775                          I’m not sure if I should share this story because you might think I’m a bit of a compulsive shopper but here goes anyways!

I ordered the hot pink heels on Monday and received them on Wednesday morning, tried them on (more like danced around and jumped around with them lol ) and fell in love how awesome the fit was and how comfortable they are!

So I went on GoJane’s website and I pulled the trigger and bought these leopard ones all without a second thought!

I just couldn’t help it! Also I think i was pressured into buying these because it said they were the last ones in my size! (I blame it on GoJane honestly lol)

I decided on going to Rue 21 just to see what deals they had! And lo and behold I see the sign that every girl loves to see!

Um hello there 50%OFF!


EEK!!! look at those floral studded flats!! Yes Yes yes!

Get in my cart!!!! lol okay I am totally freaking you guys out and I apologize! Lol

Rue 21 was having 50% Off all their clearance items!!!


Mint? Floral? Studded?

Oh of course I was not going to walk out of the store without these!


They were on clearance for $24 but i scored them for just $12!

I found its little sister in the flats section!! Now they didn’t have my size but I bought the next size up which will totally wok since they are closed toe.

IMG_1780                           IMG_1781                          How cute are they together?!!

You know what they say! ”If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!”

IMG_1609-0                           IMG_1790                          I hope you girls enjoyed this random shoe haul!

I’ll chat with you girlys later!

God Bless You,



Floral & Stripes Modest Outfit! + NEW ARRIVALS!

Happy Friday Girlys!!!

Another week coming to a close and I am so looking forward to the weekend!

This week has been a bit more busier than most weeks but I made it a goal to get my blog posts up!

I really enjoy blogging and especially sharing more of my life with all of you!

So for today’s outfit I wanted to share with you some exciting new arrivals!!



Floral + Stripes?! Um Yes PLEASE!!

The work of pattern mixing has already been done for you! Gotta love that!

Okay but seriously the minute I saw this skirt it just screamed SPRING/SUMMER to me!


I love the fact that it is midi length!! So on trend! And also those pleats?! Its a Win-Win!  (Sorry I am a sucker for pleats!)

I’ve seen this skirt in a couple of boutiques but I could not see myself paying $45-60 for it honestly.

But you can score this cute skirt in my shop for just $28!!

I always keep you girls in mind, not only style-wise but also price wise and I strive to keep the prices as low as possible.

(College girls out there I hear ya!!)


I was going to wear this skirt  for church on Sunday but I just couldn’t wait much longer!!

I wore my striped floral skirt with a classic chambray shirt tied at the waist with a teardrop necklace!

(P.S. Excuse my layered hair I need a haircut ASAP!)



I quickly took an outfit picture before running out the door! I gotta say I sometimes feel like I ”waste” outfits because I forget to take a picture of them! lol #bloggerproblems! That’s okay though cause that means I get to wear it again! (Just not at the same place lol totally kidding!)


I wore my black studded heels because not only are they super trendy but surprisingly quite comfortable!

(Sorry Louboutins!)

This is totally off topic but I love Louboutins as much as the next girl but how is it possible that these $20 heels are more comfortable than $600 pigalles?!  Okay rant over. (Still love ya Louboutins!)


This skirt is up for grabs now! Just $28 at

You can also click the ”Shop Now” tab!

Hope you girls enjoy your Friday and weekend!!

Love ya!!




Thrift Store Shopping Tips & Tricks! + Clothing Haul!

Happy Thursday girlys!!

I found myself randomly at the thrift store today and I must say that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of thrift stores mainly because of past experiences of never finding anything! And quite frankly I don’t have the patience for it! I am the kind of shopper that likes to get in and get out ASAP! lol

Over the past year or so, I have been taking notes on why I have been so pleased with the thrift store lately and I’d thought I would share some tips that helped me! Stay tuned at the end for a clothing haul!


1. Know Your Brands!

I can’t stress this enough! Knowing your preferred brands will not only summarize what you’re looking for but you will never over pay! For example I know in my head before walking in I am looking for brands such as, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Express, DownEast, H&M, White House Black Market, etc.

2. Know the store’s sale cycle!

It’s as easy as asking a clerk when they add/rotate new inventory!

My thrift store rotates every Wednesday for example!

3. Arrive as early as possible!

This is a no brainer! First come, first serve! Arriving as soon as they open will ensure you go home with the best deals of the day!

Trust me I’ve gone to the thrift store around 6pm and have gone home empty handed!

4. Be Honest!

Be honest with yourself! Ask yourself,”If I were at a retail store would I buy this?” If the answer is yes then checkout! If the answer is no, chances are you’re probably just wasting your money!

Remember it’s not a good deal, if you never wear it! No matter how low the cost!

5. Know your sizes!!

Knowing your sizes in various brands will ensure that you won’t go home with a clothing item that does not fit!

For example, I know that J. Crew sizes run large and that a size 2 is really a size 4! Thus meaning I am only allowed to purchase a size 0 (size 2)

6. Have Fun!!

My last but certainly not least is to just have fun! Think of it as a treasure hunt and some days you’ll hit the jackpot and some days you won’t! But that’s okay there’s always next week!

I do enjoy looking at all the collectibles and unique items at the thrift store!

Now onto today’s thrift store haul! I must say I am so excited how many things I found BRAND NEW WITH TAGS!

Walking in I always go straight for the skirts! The thrift store is an awesome place to find cheap and trendy skirts!

I found this gorgeous Ann Taylor houndstooth pencil skirt for just $5! It’s such a classic skirt with adorable buttons on the front! I can totally see a very polished chic look with this skirt!




I am so excited for this next skirt!! It was the first skirt that caught my eye on the rack! It is a GORGEOUS coral color and guess what?! It was Brand New with Tags!! SCORE! It is from the Target brand: Mossimo! Love the zipper detail it has!



The next skirt that I found was a hot pink Old Navy pencil skirt also BRAND NEW with tags!! I literally squealed a bit when I came across it! ( haha totally freaked some lady out! lol) Ugh. Hot. Pink. Pencil. Skirt. Enough said. Oh and it was only $3!!


I went on to look at the tops and found this adorable floral peplum top!! Now, the reason I purchased it, is because floral is a seasonal trendy item and I honestly do not feel the need in paying alot for trendy clothing that I will wear for just 3 months. It’s from Jessica Simpson and it was only $3! (Perfect to wear with the hot pink skirt no?)

IMG_1459                            IMG_1460


My next purchase was a classic button up shirt from J.Crew! This picture does not do it justice!

Such a timeless item that every girl needs in her wardrobe! Its so crisp and clean when worn!



It is a size M (I’m usually a size XS/S)  but I plan on wearing it tucked in my skirts so it should work out perfectly!


The next top is so pretty!! Again pics do not do it justice! It is so sturdy and it feels so soft! I feel in LOVE with the faux diamond buttons going down the shirt and also on the cuffs!


Shiny things are always a good idea!!


I totally love the skirts and shirts I got today and I hope these tips will encourage you all to go check out your local thrift store!!

Til Next Time,





How to sell your used clothes online! Easy!

I have had so much success selling my used clothes online over this past year and I want to share a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned (and am still learning) about how to make money out of clothes that need some tlc.20140404-134729.jpg

Lets start with Poshmark! You’re probably sick of me mentioning this app all over my blog and Instagram but it really is such a good place to sell your clothes! Recently Poshmark has updated their policies and shipping/commission rates. It used to be $6.99 shipping for items priced under $25 and $4.99 shipping anything over $25, if you were purchasing an item over $25 shipping would not be a problem. But say you wanted to purchase a dress that cost $10, shipping would be almost $7! (its no  longer a deal anymore!) But thank goodness Poshmark now has a flat rate shipping of $4.99 on ALL orders!

Selling your clothes on Poshmark is very easy and the setting is like a boutique. All you do is snap a picture and upload it onto Poshmark and describe your listing.(Brand,condition,size,color etc.)

Big moneymaker Alert!

Big moneymaker Alert!

My #1 tip for selling on Poshmark is sharing other people’s listings. What I like to do is find the ”big moneymakers” (Poshers who have 10k or more followers) and share their listings as often as I can. It may take a week or so until they actually notice you but when they do share even if its just one listing prepare to make multiple trips to the post office! It really works! Also taking pretty pictures helps out alot ! Beware of taking ”too professional looking” shots. What I mean by that is not to make it look like a structured clothing website,but make it more personal and inviting. For example if you have a candle burning in the background of the shoes you’re trying to sell don’t crop it out just leave it. Let’s be honest humans are nosy they like to see exactly where they are buying their clothes from. 20140404-134746.jpg 20140404-134801.jpg

You’ve sold your first item! Great! Now what? Poshmark will send you a shipping label and all you have to do it print it out and ship it! (Love that part!) Poshmark does let you list your clothes for free (unlike Ebay) but they do take a cut from your sale, $2.95 for all sales under $15 and then 20% commission anything over $15.

I think its pretty reasonable compared to selling it to a local consignment shop that give you way less than what you paid for.

My Second favorite app to sell my clothes is Vinted. This is a fairly new app to me but the first day I posted 5 items of clothing I sold all of them that same night!

If you are a newbie to all of this I would highly recommend to get Vinted since it’s very simple and fast to make a sale.

Plus with Vinted you can swap clothes which is always fun!

One of my favorite closets on Vinted! So cute

One of my favorite closets on Vinted! So cute

Another app is Threadflip which I don’t recommend at all, its very glitchy and sales are not that great.

Another great way to sell your clothes is through Instagram! I must admit it is more tedious since you have to do all of the shipping procedures yourself but you do get to keep all the profit.

So don’t just toss your used clothes away sell them to buy even more cute clothes ! (More shoes is always a good idea 😉

Til Next Time