Fitness Friday: Healthy Ice Cream for Weight Loss?! Arctic Zero Review

Friends & Frozen Treats on a Friday!


There’s a reason why we college students love Fridays so much *ahem* #icecreamfridays!

However, all that richness and creaminess does not come cheap when it comes to calories. If you are a fellow ice cream enthusiast as myself and refuse to give up your frozen treats, I have AMAZING NEWS there is an alternative, healthier option that will have you indulging without the guilt!


There’s a funny story behind receiving my Arctic Zero yummy package! I was on my way to chapel service and as I walked through the receptionist’s office I noticed a huge box that was labeled with Arctic Zero branding all over it. Immediately I knew it was for me and was a bit too excited for being 10 a.m.!  I signed for it and made my way to church with this giant UPS box! However, I had completely forgotten that because of the safety precautions I could not enter the main auditorium with my package (I was already coming up with ideas for this blog post!) Needless to say I was stopped by the security guard and long story short my box full of goodies had to be taken in to be inspected! LOL

It didn’t really help that the box was full of dry ice and subtle smoke was coming out of it! XD Thankfully, my reputation was redeemed when the guard opened it up and found nothing hazardous!

Here are some first impression quick video clips of how it all came wrapped up! The packaging though guys!! Super Impressed!

I’m sorry did you say 35 calories per serving?!


I was able to try all their new flavors and by far my favorite was the Poppin’ Pomegranate!

35 calories, 0 grams of fat, 5 grams of sugar, and a whole lot of yummy! I prefer the more “fruity” types of ice cream and this pint was a little tart, a little sweet and tasted the best in my opinion!




The new flavors also included:


I can totally see this ice cream as an aide to help lose weight, especially for those late night cravings! Go ahead and indulge without the guilt. I did notice that you may need to leave it out longer to thaw out since it is a more solid form of ice cream. But it’s totally worth it!

Good things come to those that wait 😉 arcticz-28

I had my friends come along on this shoot with me and dress up as the 50’s! We had a blast shooting at Rocket Fizz, a retro soda pop and candy store in Lancaster! Thank you for allowing us to take over your store for an hour to shoot! Y’all are the sweetest! @Rocketfizzlancaster 



How darling is this watermelon print dress?!






 Final Thoughts?

Honestly still mind blown over here that I can freely indulge in my favorite sweets without the extra calories, fat, and sugar! I’ve tasted some low-fat ice creams that just didn’t make the cut, but Arctic Zero has made healthy eating delicious and satisfying!

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Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point Featuring Unique Vintage 1950’s Swing Dress!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

It has been officially 4 days back home in the gorgeous state of Utah! The trees, mountains and weather have all been calling my name since last month!

As a result we spent all day Saturday at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point! The Ashton gardens are simply stunning with 55 acres of greenery, flowers, and even waterfalls! My mom loves gardens so we thought to spend Mother’s Day weekend at the Tulip Festival!



As soon as I landed in Utah there was rain for the first 3 days! However, despite the rain the climate was still warmer in comparison to California surprisingly!

I love spring showers and what better way to welcome spring than with a classic red rose floral dress! This stunning dress from Unique Vintage was sent to me to review for you girls! Let me tell you the fit, quality and style of this dress has got my head over the clouds!!



It is a classic swing dress one that you may have found in Paris in the 1950’s! Very Parisian and simply timeless! The actual dress itself embodies a classic A-line silhouette, cinched with a vintage inspired brooch! But my ultimate favorite part has got to be the flawless draping of the neckline. I added some vintage cat-eye sunnies and laced up black flats to complete the look!


TREND ALERT: <<<<<<Edgy Laced Up Flats>>>>>>

Recently, you may have been noticing all the fashion influencers with these edgy laced up flats and heels! If you are anything like me, I am all about trying out the latest trends if they are affordable and will not go out of style too quickly! As I ran a quick Google search for these shoes I came across the Giuseppe Zanotti version for a whopping $900! So just like any fashion trend, I waited a couple of months for the competing stores to come out with a more affordable version! I scored these black ballet laced up flats at Rue 21 for just $16! Oh and they are currently buy one get on 50% OFF! (HURRY! These won’t last long!) Yes please to color options!




For modesty purposes I added my 3/4 length white half tee from Cupcake Cover Tops!  It is an essential for the summer without adding unnecessary layers!

This completes today’s review of Unique Vintage’s Swing Dress! I will link off the dress down below!I hope you all have a blessed week and I will check in with you all tomorrow!

<<<<<Unique Vintage Retro Rose Swing Dress HERE>>>>


Ashley Amber







Retro Daisy Circle Skirt Outfit Featuring Florence Adam Store!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!!

Long time no blog post! To say I’ve missed you guys is an understatement! Seriously! We’ve survived mid-term week and are all geared up for The hunt on Easter Sunday!

Here are a couple of snapshots during these past couple of weeks! Enjoy!


Me: I need a quiet place to study…

*sees a huge box to the left*

Me: Excellent… lol


Strawberry Walnut Salad from The Point Restaurant (on campus restaurant)


Nursery: My excuse to act like a 5 year old again with no questions asked! LOL


Now onto today’s 60’s- 70’s ”ish” inspired outfit featuring one of my favorite circle skirts from Florence Adams Store!


Today’s outfit was inspired by a little bit of 60s and 70s fashion!

The daisy print on my skirt resembles that of the 60s but the colors and the style of my blouse lean more toward the 70s! I actually scored this awesome brown vintage blouse from a local thrift store back at home in Utah!



I added cognac colored accessories to finish off this look! Just a quick side note if you do not own a cognac colored belt I would highly suggest one as an addition to any wardrobe!

Its a staple and a classic for sure! It will literally class up any outfit and if you have cognac colored boots/ shoes that’s a bonus!!

For hair I wanted soft tousled curls that wold be away from my face. All I did was take my curling wand and tilted it down and away from my face just for a few seconds, release the curl and gently run your fingers through it! Super easy and it literally takes about 10 minutes!


It was ferociously windy out today in Lancaster which made for a very chilly morning! (Not the best day to wear a circle skirt I must admit but I somehow managed to stay indoors for the most part of the day! lol)



Ladies you need to check out Florence Adams Store for the most G O R G E O U S modest clothing!

I will link their Instagram down below! Enjoy!

Florence Adam Instagram

Til Next time! If you are wanting to just chat or have a question/ collaboration inquiry  just shoot me an email at !

I love chatting with you girlies!!

Much Love! ❤

Ashley Amber








Modest Style Diaries: Classic Striped Ball Gown Skirt! Featuring My Shop!

Hello Friends!!

Have you ever had those days where you just want a little pick me up?! For me an instant pick me up is a classic matte red lip, especially for ”tired skin” days!


I am so pleased and excited to announce the re-open of my shop!! And I have some pretty exciting arrivals in store, one of the them including this skirt!


Hello there Gorgeous!! ❤

You all know how much I LOVE ball gown princess skirts! They’re elegant, classy and so chic, and this one happens to be from my shop; Shop ModestlyHot!



As I was styling the skirt I wanted to give it a New York meets Retro feel to it.

I wore my J.Crew Button up Shirt with a huge red vintage belt to cinch in my waist! To add to the glamour I wore my ”one size fits all” necklace! The reason why I say that is because that this necklace from Purple Peridot goes with every single outfit! It’s like the little black dress for jewelry!



Hair of the Day: I guess I could tell you that wearing an ultra chic top bun was part of the planned outfit, but ima keep it real with y’all and say that I just didn’t want to deal with my curling iron and have weak arms at the end of it quite honestly! #longhairproblems




These ball gown princess skirts are now on the website!

They’re just $32!









That floral and striped one though!! ❤


Well that wraps up today’s post!

Hope you all have a blessed day!

God Bless!


Ashley ❤

Retro Cherry Dress Featuring Retro Betty ! +GIVEAWAY

Hello and Happy Monday!!!

Fourth of July is this week and what better way to kick off the week than with a retro 1950’s inspired outfit?!? I love a good retro inspired outfit as much as the next person but man this dress though?!😍


Red cherries? Check! A line? Check! Vintage? Check!! I am in LOVE!!!

I went to a darling Utah shop called Retro Betty and the shop is absolutely a vintage lovers dream!😍

For all you Utah locals I will list the address of the shop down below! Take your camera! There’s so much cuteness to photograph!


How cute is this little diner?!? You would never guess that this diner was located in the middle of a mall?! Lol


Me and the lovely Mildred (photographer) went to non other than Johnny Rockets ! Ugh you guys I want my house to look like this!!! Lol


One of summers hottest trends right one is Fruit prints!🍒🍍🍎🍓🍋 I love incorporating new trends with classic styles & I feel like this dress channels both perfectly ! 🍒


How cute are these cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21?!? A steal at just $3


To make this dress modest on top I wore my favorite modest hack ; my cupcake cover top!

This top is great because it only gives you the coverage you need, which is up top and the sleeves! Very lightweight and looks part of the dress and not “awkward”, if you know what I mean!

For a hot summer day, I felt covered but not melting! Lol



For my shoes I wore my favorite retro heels I purchased from Poshmark for just $14!!

I thought it would be fun to mix 2 vintage prints in one look!




A little touch up! Lol the heat was real!


Guess what time it is?!? Sundae time!! Lol funny story as I was ordering the sundae (mainly for photos lol) I asked the man how it looked and if it was cute!  He looked at me with the most confused look I have ever seen! (Sorry I’m a blogger and we’re just weird like that! ) I explained to him what I was up to and he finally understood lol! And then he confused me! He said ,”alright would you like cheese on top of your sundae?” 😳 I’m sorry what? Cheese? As in queso? C-H-E-E-S-E on a sundae? LOL

i was tempted to try it but for the pictures I unfortunately had to decline. (Unfortunately .😜)


No cheese on this sundae just a cheesy smile!😜 ha ha ha ha … (Wow I need to stop….)





I hope one you guys pull through your Monday a little less painfully lol!

Will be listing the address of Retro Betty boutique for all you Utah Locals!

Till next Time! Stay Tuned for Giveaway Details!!



Outfit Details:

Red Cherry Dress: Retro Betty

2821 South 2300 East

SLC Utah 84109

Follow them on Instagram @RetroBettySLC

Alright girlies y’all ready for the giveaway?!??

For a chance to win a Retro Betty Dress

All you have to do is

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Have Fun and Good Luck!! Giveaway will end Next Monday!