ULTIMATE Modest Easter Shopping Guide! Modest Easter Outfits 2017


Here we go again! The hunt for the PERFECT Easter dress is on! With just less than just 2 weeks you totally know exactly what you are going to wear for Easter right?!

If you answered no to this question I completely understand your pain and am here to give a couple of options! (Affordable options too! I got you girls 😉

If you are anything like the procrastinator I am then this little shopping guide will be just for you! {Be on the lookout for part #2 of this shopping guide!}

Alright get ready to start scrolling!!


Modest Easter Outfit #1: The “Poppy”Skirt

Boutique: Sun Scout

Price Range: $$

COUPON CODES/SALES: 15% OFF by using the code “MODESTLYHOT15” at checkout! It works even on all sale/clearance items!!

Design Aesthetic: Beautiful, watercolor poppy print on a full and well structured pleated midi skirt! Sizing up is recommended!

Behind “The Look”:

This skirt is so well made and screamed to be paired up with rich and expensive looking tones such as a classy mustard! i did not want to take away anything from this gorgeous skirt and because it already has so many vibrant colors, I chose to tone it down with a retro inspired mustard top.

Styling Tips: Go for Classy and add a pop of color with your shoe!

A plain white tee or even a dark navy will take this skirt to the next level of classiness! Very versatile and can work with so many different tops!

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Modest Easter Outfit #2: Feminine Florals

Boutique: Sun Scout

Price Range: $

Coupon Codes/SALES: 15% OFF by using the code “MODESTLYHOT15” at checkout! It works even on all sale/clearance items!!

Design Aesthetic: Pockets ladies!! It has POCKETS! A super comfortable material with a unique texture that makes it very unique from all my other floral midi skirts. Color palette includes: mustard, yellows, greens, blush pink, & white.

Behind “The Look”:

My thought process behind this look was to let the skirt speak for itself but I added a fun pair of floral JustFab printed wedges to make it spring ready! There is something about this mustard colored top that adds richness to all my skirts! Current Fav!


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Bows on my toes! Super cute!


Modest Easter Outfit #3: It’s all in the sleeves!

Boutique: Slaydon and Rose 

Price Range: $$

Coupon Codes/SALES: 15% OFF using code “EASTER15” at checkout!

Design Aesthetic:

If there is a dress that includes all of this season’s trends it is this one! Bell sleeves, midi length, crinkle effect material, and it is super light and airy! Loving the subtle tone of blue and the effortless floral! Simple zipper closure on the back and has minimal stretch.

Behind “The Look”:

This dress honestly needs no bells or whistles! It sits perfectly on the body and can be worn alone with a simple long pendant necklace. I decided to emphasize my waist by adding a cognac belt and the cutest laced up cognac chunky heels!

It’s a no brainer, no iron, out-the-door kinda dress! (The lazy girl in me kinda really likes that 😉

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Modest Easter Outfit #4: Princess Floral Showstopper Maxi Skirt

Boutique: Narrow Road Closet

Price Range: $$

Coupon Codes/SALES: N/A

Design Aesthetic:

This skirt is for the glamorous girl who loves a dramatic, showstopper skirt! The colors are rich & vibrant, it stretches for an uber comfortable fit and the print is perfect for Easter! It provides alot of movement and is perfect for special occasions/photoshoots!

Behind “The Look”:

I wanted to bring out the hues of royal blue in this skirt by adding a royal blue crop top with a high waisted maxi skirt! My inspiration was “Tribal Princess.” I wanted to add more drama to this skirt by mixing the super feminine floral print with a tribal/native inspired statement necklace.

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Well that does it for today ladies!! I hope this post has given you a bit of inspiration for your Easter day outfit! Part #2 is coming soon!! {On my way to shoot more spring looks for you guys! ;)}

See ya soon!


*DISCLAIMER* Thank you for the generosity of all these boutiques for sponsoring this post! Please note that all my opinions are still my own as I only promote companies that comply with ModestlyHot’s core values of faith, fashion and fitness! I am EXTREMELY grateful for all your continued support through out the years and for the amazing opportunities that have come out of it! I truly mean it when I say that all of this could not be made possible without God and you! (Yes, you reading this behind the screen!)

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER: Marissa for these lovely photographs taken at the Utah State Capitol!

Check her page on Facebook!

M.V. Photographs Official Facebook Page17361686_651188701745987_2105661141454559407_n.jpg17361955_650209975177193_4133366853560904104_n.jpg

$20 Modest Outfit Challenge! Week #2! Featuring Lauren from Modern Modesty!

Happy Monday!!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too terrible for you all! My Monday is actually quite pleasant today! (I blame the weather!)

It’s week #2 of the $20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!!

So excited to see what deals our modest fashion bloggers scored!!

This week is Lauren’s turn from Modern Modesty!

Oh and by the way her name is pronounced (luh-ren) Heheh I love it!! So chic!



I love the color combination!! Green and cobalt are so trendy for the summer!


She did an amazing job!!! I mean J. Crew Skirt for $11.99?! Yes please!!!

Here is the Lauren’s Grand total!

Blouse: TJMaxx $9.99
Skirt: JCrew $11.99
Grand Total: $21.98 (So close!)
Way to Go Lauren!

Be sure to check Lauren’s Modest Fashion Blog!!

Believe it or not I feel as though most of my outfits (skirt and top ) have been under $20! I wanted to share with you the deals I found this past week at Rue21!

I quickly went to browse through the sales they had and boy what perfect timing to go when they had the ENTIRE store on sale!


EEK! Super excited because Rue 21 is already so affordable!

Walking in I saw a skirt that was made just for me and I couldn’t believe the price!!


A blush tulle skirt?!! for just $20 +extra savings on top of that!?

I ADORE tulle skirts and I’m usually paying $30-$60 each!

But wait! There’s more!

I actually scored this dreamy floral blouse in the clearance rack!! It was marked down to $9.99 but had an additional percentage off making it only $6.99!

Now with the tulle skirt it was $20 + the floral blouse $6.99 making the total $26.99

Almost $7 over budget but I knew I wasn’t going to stop the savings right there!

So I pulled out of my magical barney bag (hahah what? Didn’t you watch Barney as a kid? lol)

a $10 OFF when you spent $20 or more!


And the choir sang ”Hallelujah” as I saw the grand total of just $16.99! Which means that I scored my blush tulle skirt for just $8.50!


So here is the complete roundup!

Floral Blouse: Rue 21 $9.99 On sale but $6.99 with additional percentage off!

Blush Tulle Skirt: Rue 21 $20.00

Grand Total before coupon: $26.99

Grand Total after coupon: $16.99


This week’s $20 Modest Outfit Challenge has been so much fun and I have a couple more in store!!!

Well that’s a wrap!

Til Next Time!



Modest Nautical Outfits LookBook!!

Happy Saturday Girlies!!

Crazy to think that just two days ago I was wearing a long coat with boots and now I’m wearing a short sleeve dress with sandals?!

Seriously someone needs to give Utah a calendar!

But with that being said, I’m so excited to finally bring out all my nautical themed clothing for the summer!


I am so excited to start the Modest Nautical Outfit LookBook!!

By now it’s no secret that I AM OBSESSED WITH ANCHORS! lol! I can’t tell you how many times I walk into a store and buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM that has an anchor print! I blame J.Crew to be honest lol!

I’m not quite sure how this obsession started but I’m so glad it did! (Not sure my wallet loves it as much though !)

I just looove how classy and preppy nautical themed outfits look! My love for the color navy has definitely grown because of the nautical  trend!

For today’s outfit I wanted something very casual and comfortable!


I always lay out my outfits before wearing them, it just helps me visualize them and plus they make cute outfit pics!


I am in love with this anchor t-shirt dress!! It is originally from Old Navy but I scored it on Poshmark for just $8!!


I had asked the girl selling her anchor dress how tall she was to get an idea of how long it would be on me! (posh tip by the way!) She was a bit taller than me (no surprise there lol) so I’d figured it would be a bit above my knee on me!

I tried it on and it hit right at my knee which was fine by me but I felt as it needed something feminine at the bottom to add some texture to the dress! I added my white lace skirt extender and I instantly felt more comfortable in my outfit! You know how sometimes you have to be careful with some dresses like, sitting a certain way or making sure you don’t bend over? That’s kinda how this dress felt before I added the skirt extender, but with the skirt extender I felt as I could run, sit, and stand confidently that I wouldn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions lol!



For my accessories I added this white teardrop necklace from the ”What A Woman Wants Expo” for just $3! My belt is from Forever 21 for also just $3! Best $3 I’ve ever spent considering how often I wear it! Of course this is a nautical lookbook so it would be a crime not to wear my FAVORITE sandals EVER!! These anchor sandals are just .,….. i cant even. …!!! Enough said!



For my hair I wanted subtle waves like if I was swimming all day on the beach (wishful thinking!) I recently have been getting questions on how I get my hair wavy. All I do is use my NuMe curling wand in the medium sized barrel and before releasing the curl I let it cool in my hand for a couple of seconds to set and I softly tug on the curl to form a wave! It lasts all day! No mousse or hairspray is required!

IMG_1287                                Let’s talk about this bag for a second!! I am not the biggest fan of the color brown but cognac is the exception! This little bag carries sooo much its ridiculous! I love how it has zippers on the sides and it kind of resembles the Philip Lim bag that is way more expensive than this little guy! I believe I only paid about $25 for it at my local Ross!


I hope you enjoyed this nautical outfit! Trust me there are way more nautical outfits to come!

Til Next Time





Modest Disney Princess LookBook

Hello there!

Happy Wednesday!!

As I’m typing this post I feel as my fingers are going to fall off because of how cold it is!

It’s a cold, and rainy day here in northern Utah :(. As I’m looking at my weather app I’m slightly confused as to why today is going to be mixed rain and snow, and tomorrow it will be hot and sunny!!? Okay Utah, Please make up your mind! Anyways, I’m SO excited to have collaborated with all these amazing modest fashion bloggers to bring you the Modest Disney Princess Look Book!

Every week we will post a Disney Princess inspired outfit of our choosing! I love Disney Princesses and let be honest who doesn’t want to feel and look like one for at least a day?!

I’m sure if we could we would all want to dress up like one every day! (I know I would! lol)


Alright for Week #1 We have the beautiful Alee from Obsession Expression!


Doesn’t she make the most gorgeous Snow White!? The makeup,shoes,hair and outfit are spot on!

The colors are so perfect for Snow White!! I love how she went all out and rocked it!



For more details on her look, head on over to her blog! And give her a follow as well !!

You can also find her links on my “Modest Girl Movement” tab!

Week #2 is the beautiful Nicole from PKid Chicks!


Nicole recreated Ariel from the Little Mermaid!!



Can you say Gorgeous?!! She channeled Ariel perfectly!! I can get over the details of this outfit, the belt and that headband! Props to her for getting in the freezing water and proving that Ariel can also be modest!

Way to  go Nicole!


For more details of her outfit check out her blog!!

$20 Oufit Challenge!!

Happy Pioneer Day to all my Utah followers! (Happy Thursday for everyone else lol)20140724-131005.jpg

I know, I know, The title is already sounding pretty crazy right?! I was inspired to do this challenge from watching a Youtube video on the $20 makeup challenge and saw that people changed it to the $20 Outfit Challenge! So pretty much you have to use your deal hunting skills to create an entire outfit, including shoes for $20 or less!  I was confident that I could find clothes for under $10 a piece but finding shoes under $10?! Now that’s a whole different story! I guess I could have gone cheap and bought dollar tree flip flops and called it a day but I really wanted to create something that I’d actually would wear on a daily basis. Most girls who did this tag went to their Forever 21 but ended up going over the budget.( Is it just me or is Forever 21 getting more expensive?) With that being said, I had initially thought to go to Rue 21. Now this was not only a $20 outfit challenge for me , it was also a 30 minute power shopping challenge since I had to get to work as well! To my surprise Rue 21 was having 50% OFF clearance items! (SCORE!) Right as I walked in I saw a ton of cute tops for just $3 a piece!

Yeah $3 tops!

Yeah $3 tops!

I quickly grabbed the hot pink one and hurried to the skirts section. I found this adorable hot pink lip print midi skirt!!

So cute right?

So cute right?

Best part about it? It was only $9.99! I was in awe when I found $7  heels and flats! This was to good to be true! All their shoes and heels were just $7!!

$7 shoes? Um yes please

$7 shoes? Um yes please

I bought these chic ankle strap black heels and couldn’t resist to pick up a couple of more pairs of flats!20140724-135121.jpg Later that night after work as I was trying on my outfit I really loved the way the skirt and top looked together but the shoes just didn’t seem to work with the midi skirt. So my shoe hunt begins again,but this time I really scored big time! I was at a local clearance warehouse looking at the shoes and these bad boys immediately caught my eye.20140724-135137.jpg Valentino was the first thing that popped in my head! They looked like the Valentino Rockstud pointed flats! In my head I was already at the checkout line purchasing them, being mentally prepared to shell out at least $20 bucks for them. To my surprise (again!) they were only $9.99!! So naturally I went ahead and picked up the nude ones as well! Surprise #3 came when the cashier was ringing me up and the screen said they were reduced to  $7 each! Yay!! $14 and some change I paid for both pairs!

So here’s the breakdown

Hot Pink Top : Rue 21—–> $3

Lip Print Midi Skirt : Rue 21—–> $9.99

Pearl Necklace : Thrifted—> .50cents

Black Studded Flats: Clearance Warehouse—-> $7.00

GRAND TOTAL : $20.49! Not exactly $20.00 but hey I was pretty close! lol20140724-131338.jpg


This was a super fun and exciting challenge for me and I would encourage you to try it out!!!

Til Next Time




Shopping for Modest Clothes

Happy Friday Everyone!                                                                                                         image


I wanted to write this post because I always get emails and comments on Instagram about where do I buy my modest clothes? Believe me I know the difficulty of finding trendy but modest clothes these days! But I do have some stores and websites I can rely on for inexpensive modest clothing! Living in Utah I have been learning that there are alot of local modest shops all around the state! Im going to share with you (in no particular order) my no fail shops for finding modest clothes! (cute and trendy too by the way.)

1. Sexy Modest Boutique image

Im pretty sure all of you have heard of them! They have amazing skirts and I love how they emphazise that you can look great but modest as well! This shop is great for finding all things modest! They were my first ever introduction to modest clothing! I found them while I was desperately searching for an inexpensive skirt extender and out popped their website and I’ve been hooked ever since! They always have great sales and new arrivals!                                                    image


2. Very Jane                                                                                                                                  image

Oh how I love Veryjane! It is a daily boutique deal website that has amazing deals on modest clothing especially skirts! I think I’m addicted because I always end up buying something everyday! There is always something new everyday and cheap too! Their skirts are usually $10-$12 when they’re normally $30! Most of my favorite clothes are from Very Jane! The only con is that their clothing is on a first come, first serve basis! I always check their website around midnight since that is when they put new items up!                                                                 image


3. P. Kid Chicks Shop                                                                                                                  image

First of all I have to say that their sense of fashion is on point! I love their IG account! Their shop is equally amazing! Steph and Nicole are Pastor’s Kids (hence their name ”P. Kid. Chicks”) that are dedicated to inspire young girls to dress modestly. They have gorgeous modest skirts that are affordable as well!


4. Windsor Store 

Windsor is kind of like Forever 21 but better! They sell gorgeous formal dresses! While not everything in their website is modest, their midi skirts, however are. Their skirts are so unique!



5. Modest Closet                                                                                                                            image

Modest Closet is one of my favorites for afforadable modest clothing! I love their pencil skirts!! They have the best fit on me! If you are on a budget then this is the place to shop. I totally reccommend the Piper Pencil skirts, definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to over do it so I’m going to stop here. I may do like a part 2 or something later! 🙂  Work awaits me now.

Til Next Time








Day to Night Outfit

Hot pink, leather, and studs are whats happening in today’s outfit. I love this hot pink maxi skirt paired up with my favorite metal belt.

From Day to Night

From Day to Night

For daytime I wore this super bright maxi skirt with a basic white tee. (pretty casual but still cute.)  Now for night time I added one of my all time favorite Poshmark finds which is this studded leather jacket! I didn’t even bother wearing heels since you won’t be able to see them anyways. Now can we just talk about how bright this maxi skirt is?! I love it!Its very soft and definitely one of the better quality maxi skirts I own.                                                                                                      What I found very flattering is the fit,most maxi skirts have a tendency to just ‘stick’ to my thighs really awkwardly,but this skirt is tight on my waist and flares out and I love that! (Fit and flare is the silhouette that works best with my body.) This outfit was the most comfortable thing I have worn in a while! (Gotta love maxi skirts!) I feel like I put all of my favorite clothing pieces into one outfit, like no joke I loove this skirt and the jacket and the belt and even the white t-shirt! 20140403-135913.jpg

Til Next Time


Outfit Details:

Hot Pink Maxi Skirt: Mimu Maxi

Studded Leather Jacket: Poshmark

White V neck Tee: DownEast Basics