Random Shopping Haul! Ross,Rue 21, H&M, Dollar Tree & Bath & Body Works!

Hello Lovelies!!

It’s Friday and everyone knows Fridays are for shopping! (& Saturday and Sunday aaaand Monday . lol)

I could not get a hold of myself this month of the amazing sales everyone is having! I mean Semi- Annual Sale Galore is happening in just about every store!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin!


Let’s start off with my online orders!

So I’m always shopping off of Poshmark as you all know, and I found the cutest red and white polka dot heels!

So retro chic! They were originally listed for $30 but I offered $25 and the buyer accepted it. But I did not actually pay $25 because I had a couple of posh credits in my accounts meaning that I was only charged $14 to my card total!

IMG_2486                           I had a super happy mail day when my Cents of Style fashion tees came in the mail!

I love my ”Let it Go” graphic tee so much that I INSTANTLY bought three when they were on Jane.com!

It was so hard choosing what shirts to get but I decided on the , ”Stay Classy”,”Bless her Heart (<3)” and ”As If!”

(Excuse the wrinkles they’ve been in the mailing parcel til I wear them!)

IMG_2496                           So I was at my local mall and I always make sure to check Ross (especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they add new stock) to see what new stuff they had!

*Hint hint* these next items may or may not be for you! 😉 (cough* future giveaway*)


Now I love shopping in the mornings as soon as the mall opens because there is no hassle of lines,but I had to get to work! I actually returned to the mall after work when I saw everyone walking out with bath and body works bags, but not just any bags, they were the special,”Semi-Annual Sale” kind of shopping bags!

EEK! So of course I was going to stock up on yummy fragrances for myself and my home!


They were also having a ”Flashback Fragrances” sale for just $3.50 each!


The sale was CRAZY! I scored $22.50 3 wick candles for just $5! And oh my ! Look what I found!

Nautical Inspired Candles?!! You know I had to snatch a couple up!





Speaking about nautical I went into Icing and they were having all their necklaces on sale for just $5! So I picked up this nautical necklace with these adorable nautical charms!

The super nice girl at the store saw how anchor crazed I was and she brought out from the backroom the most amazing sandals ever!!

They were navy and white striped anchor sandals!! YASS!!!!


Next stop is of course Rue 21 my go to place for dirt cheap (almost free) clothes!!

So I loved my blush tulle skirt so much that I went in and bought the black version !
I also scored these adorable patriotic sandals! (Which I’ve already worn like 5 times lol shhh dont tell!)



”She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot.”.. cardigan?!

Hahaha yes I just had to! Plus it was really inexpensive!



Last but certainly not least is Dollar Tree!

Ever since I was a little kid I have had a love for shopping at Dollar Tree! (I mean come on everything’s a buck!)

So I picked up these cute anchor duct tapes!

I know you guys!!!! I have a problem!!

I ‘m not sure what exactly I’ll use them for but I’ll get back to ya!


So that wraps up today’s haul!!

God Bless You!



DIY Dollar Tree Fashion Hacks!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too horrible for ya today!

Mine aren’t too bad since the weather is quite pleasant today!

As with every Sunday my room looks like a tornado hit it! It’s like I try to keep it clean all week long to just end up destroying it on Sunday looking for an outfit! It’s usually pretty messy but man it’s not just clothes on the ground but a jungle of statement necklaces, stilettos, and hair products! (Can you say hazardous?)

So in order for me to get any sort of fashion inspiration I needed to roll up my sleeves and clean up!

So last night I went to Dollar Tree like 30 minutes before they closed, (time was not my friend yesterday) and looked for things to help me organize my stuff!

And I thought I would share some fashion organization hacks that have helped keep my sanity! lol


So my first goal to cleaning up was definitely my scarf drawers!

Now I feel it is my duty to keep it real with you all and show pics of the disastrous drawer…


Yep, and this one was the ”least chaotic” looking one!

I had tons of drawers just stuffed full of scarves that I couldn’t even open them!

And I needed the space so I could store more clothes in them instead of having them folded on my floor :/


So I picked up these shower curtain rings which have come a long way since they had more colors this time!

Of course I opted to go for the white shower curtain rings  since it would match my room decor the best!


I clipped the rings onto a hanger and hung 12 scarves onto a single hanger!

Each pack of curtain rings comes with 12 of them which is pretty awesome!

This was a total game changer because A. I finally had space in my drawers, and B. They hung nice and flat in my closet!

And I could see all my scarves instead of having to dig for them!


My next problem area was the infamous ”junk drawer”! *Dun Dun dun!*


Now I found this drawer a couple days ago while searching for a red lipstick that I thought had ”magically” disappeared!

Turns out this is where all my ”missing makeup” was!

Now I kinda wanted to just close the drawer shut and forget about it but I felt bad that this makeup was going to go bad and not be used!

So I was on the hunt for something to organize all my junk drawers!


Silverware tray? I prefer to call it a ”Junk Drawer” Organizer thingy.


BAM! I am motivated to finally use all this stuff up!

Of course this whole organizing drawers thing was getting to be real fun so I thought I would go ahead and organize my hair accessory drawer too!


Now I totally forgot to insert a before photo of this junk drawer but trust me it was pretty bad. (Was is the keyword here lol)

Alright my next problem were making my boots stay standing up!

Normally I would put magazines inside the boots but these boots were really tall and a magazine was not going to cut it!

So of course pool noodles would be tall enough!



Yay! Problem solved! I might do this with all my other boots as well!

I spent about less than $10 to get organized and back to getting inspired! (Not to mention stress free!)

I hope you enjoyed this easy hacks to getting organized!!

Til Next Time,

God Bless You!



Dollar Tree Organization Supplies:

~Black Silverware Trays

~Pool Noodles

~Shower Curtain Rings


DIY Glitter & Chalkboard Mugs!/Easy Christmas Gifts!

Happy Monday Girlys!!
Lately I’ve been on a DIY kick and I have been wanting to make easy and inexpensive Christmas gifts!
I found these mugs at the dollar store and knew exactly what I was going to do with them! Earlier that week I had been eyeing these gorgeous Kate Spade glitter mugs but I wasn’t willing to fork out $50 for a mug! (That’s just crazy talk!) So instead I bought dollar store mugs and gold glitter!! ( cause glitter is always a good idea right?!) I also had some leftover chalk paint from previous projects so I’d thought I’d do a chalkboard mug as well!
Alright for the glitter mugs you will need:
-White Dollar Store Mug
-Sponge brush
-Modpodge in Gloss Finish
-Painter’s Tape


First tape off the bottom half of the mug with your painter’s tape. (Don’t Forget the handle!)


Next apply modpodge to the taped off section of the mug and generously coat the mug with glitter.

Your Mug should look something like this!
Make sure you put a piece of paper on the bottom to reuse the loose glitter that has fallen.


Before the glue dries, carefully peel off the tape or else the modpodge will seal it.


Make sure to let them dry overnight and for the following week keep repeating these steps to seal the glitter!
Super Glam and makes great Christmas gifts!
Now I loved how the chalkboard mugs came out! They’re so much fun and look really cool!
For the chalkboard mugs you will need:
-White Mug from the Dollar Store
-BLACK Chalk Paint
-Sponge Brush
-Painter’s Tape
To start tape off the bottom half of the mug just like the glitter mugs. Paint 3 coats of the chalk paint onto the mug. One of the reasons I love chalk paint is because it dry so fast!

After the paint has dried peel off the tape and voila you’re done! Now it’s time to draw whatever you’d like! I used a chalk marker but you can totally use regular chalk as well!


These make awesome gifts and are so easy to do!
Hope you girls give it a try ! 💙💙💙

DIY Dollar Store Vanity/Jewelry Tray!

Happy Thursday Girlys!
I am currently redecorating my room and needed glamorous pieces to add to my vanity. My search was neither successful nor affordable. It was either the store had exactly what I wanted but for the wrong price (wayyy wrong price lol) or it was too plain jane.
So I went out and made my own trays!
Now I am super guilty of ruining my jewelry from not putting it back in it’s box. I can’t tell you how many necklaces are currently in the junk drawer in pieces. 🙈
Anyways I went to Dollar Tree and for just $5 I made myself a jewelry tray that doubles as decoration!
What you will need:
3 silver trays (Dollar Tree)
2 candlesticks (Dollar Tree
Super Glue (Dollar Tree)
Chrome paint (optional)


Now if you’d like, you can paint your candlesticks chrome with a spray paint I found at Home Depot for $4, but I actually like how the glass and chrome look together so I just left it alone.
Secondly you are going to take your super glue and place the glue all around the candlestick and just a bit of glue onto the silver tray.


Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for the next two tiers.


Wait for 5 minutes until the tier is completely stable and voila you’re done!! Super easy and looks really expensive!
Another variation I did was instead of adding a silver tray at the top I added a small round mirror which you can also find at the dollar store. Quick disclaimer if you are making it as a cupcake/cake tower make sure you use something stronger than super glue. But since this is mainly for eyecandy it works out just fine.



I absolutely loved how it turned out and it only took 5 minutes and 5 dollars.
Hope you girls try it out!
Til Next Time