DIY Dollar Tree Fashion Hacks!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too horrible for ya today!

Mine aren’t too bad since the weather is quite pleasant today!

As with every Sunday my room looks like a tornado hit it! It’s like I try to keep it clean all week long to just end up destroying it on Sunday looking for an outfit! It’s usually pretty messy but man it’s not just clothes on the ground but a jungle of statement necklaces, stilettos, and hair products! (Can you say hazardous?)

So in order for me to get any sort of fashion inspiration I needed to roll up my sleeves and clean up!

So last night I went to Dollar Tree like 30 minutes before they closed, (time was not my friend yesterday) and looked for things to help me organize my stuff!

And I thought I would share some fashion organization hacks that have helped keep my sanity! lol


So my first goal to cleaning up was definitely my scarf drawers!

Now I feel it is my duty to keep it real with you all and show pics of the disastrous drawer…


Yep, and this one was the ”least chaotic” looking one!

I had tons of drawers just stuffed full of scarves that I couldn’t even open them!

And I needed the space so I could store more clothes in them instead of having them folded on my floor :/


So I picked up these shower curtain rings which have come a long way since they had more colors this time!

Of course I opted to go for the white shower curtain rings  since it would match my room decor the best!


I clipped the rings onto a hanger and hung 12 scarves onto a single hanger!

Each pack of curtain rings comes with 12 of them which is pretty awesome!

This was a total game changer because A. I finally had space in my drawers, and B. They hung nice and flat in my closet!

And I could see all my scarves instead of having to dig for them!


My next problem area was the infamous ”junk drawer”! *Dun Dun dun!*


Now I found this drawer a couple days ago while searching for a red lipstick that I thought had ”magically” disappeared!

Turns out this is where all my ”missing makeup” was!

Now I kinda wanted to just close the drawer shut and forget about it but I felt bad that this makeup was going to go bad and not be used!

So I was on the hunt for something to organize all my junk drawers!


Silverware tray? I prefer to call it a ”Junk Drawer” Organizer thingy.


BAM! I am motivated to finally use all this stuff up!

Of course this whole organizing drawers thing was getting to be real fun so I thought I would go ahead and organize my hair accessory drawer too!


Now I totally forgot to insert a before photo of this junk drawer but trust me it was pretty bad. (Was is the keyword here lol)

Alright my next problem were making my boots stay standing up!

Normally I would put magazines inside the boots but these boots were really tall and a magazine was not going to cut it!

So of course pool noodles would be tall enough!



Yay! Problem solved! I might do this with all my other boots as well!

I spent about less than $10 to get organized and back to getting inspired! (Not to mention stress free!)

I hope you enjoyed this easy hacks to getting organized!!

Til Next Time,

God Bless You!



Dollar Tree Organization Supplies:

~Black Silverware Trays

~Pool Noodles

~Shower Curtain Rings