Yellow & Gold Polka Dot Skirt Outfit! + Blogger Market Haul!

Happy Saturday Girlies!!

The weather is finally hot and I mean really hot, perfect weather for a blogger market shopping trip!

Eleventh Avenue hosted today a blogger ”flea market” basically what it is, is a bunch of top fashion bloggers selling their fabulous wardrobe for ridiculously low prices!


I went with my super stylish blogger friend Keara from Modest Style! The deals we scored were unreal!

I felt like a kid in a candy store!


My very first purchase was from Jackie Welling from Little J Style!

This gorgeous Chic Wish Poppy Dress! I was so excited to see it hanging there because I was literally going to order it online! I also picked up a mint 5 strand pearl necklace for just $4!


So the next item is by far the BEST DEAL OF THE DAY!!

I saw this gorgeous mint tulle Shabby Apple Skirt and didn’t pick it up immediately because honestly I thought it would be about $50-60 still a good deal even at that price considering its original price of $128.00!! I finally decided to ask what the price was and my jaw dropped to the floor as she stated it was only $20!! I’m sorry what?!  I was just about to purchase this skirt for $128 at Shabby Apple last Saturday and she says its only $20!? Oh Happy Day!



My next item was a J. Crew Sequin Anchor tank for just $2!! I mean these prices were better than the thrift store!!


Also I bought an Asos peplum waist belt for just $1! I’ve always wanted a peplum waist belt and I’m so glad to have found it at a steal!


Let’s talk about jewelry you guys!! This was my favorite spot to hit up, just good ol’ digging out jewelry out of a cardboard box! All statement jewelry was just $1!! Yes please! I’m always breaking my fashion jewelry so I try to get deals on jewelry and keep it under $10!

Also I bought some extra that may or may not be for you guys! (*hint *hint*)


This one is my favorite!! Perfect for dressing up that little white tee!


Yellow and polkadots!! Now I know I do not need anymore polka dot skirts but I just couldn’t help myself!! Kingdom and State was having an amazing sale of all their clothing!

So I picked up a couple of necessities! 😉


Now I’ve saved the best for last!! Okay you guys guess how much I paid for this gorgeous sequin mermaid skirt?!!

No, not $10

Not $5

But just $2!!! WHAT?!

I’m still in shock!!

Keara and I bought matching sequin skirts and look forward on styling them for you guys!!



So that does it for my blogger market haul!! Great Deals and I want to go to another one asap!!

What I wore today had to be fairly comfortable but still cute!


I am IN LOVE with this gold polka dot pencil skirt from the Hemline Mom!

I missed out on this skirt last time on and I wasn’t going to let it go by again!


I wore it with a yellow blouse from Ross! Can we just say that Ross has the best solid colored tops ever and cheap too!


Yellow is starting to grow on me! I was never a yellow fan but I can see how cute and happy this color really is! (I would always think of a baby chick when I would see the color yellow and would be kinda turned off by it lol no offence to all the baby chicks but I just dont want to look like one ! lol)


Well that’s a wrap!

God Bless You!



Modest Summer Nautical Outfit! Featuring Debbie’s Closet +GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Boy what a week!! I mean I am physically exhausted yet ready to roll for next week!

It has been raining the past few weeks here in Utah but today it finally feels like summer!

I am SO excited for summer because I can finally wear my stash of nautical themed clothing again!!!


This shirt is EVERYTHING! It is a new purchase and I’ve already worn it in 4 outfits! (Different places of course lol)

Since it was very hot out, I did a very high sock bun with my bangs framing my face.

I’ve been wearing my hair in an updo because truth be told, I have not had any time to curl/straighten it at all this week!

It used to take me FOREVER to get this updo to look just right, sometimes it would be to loose or too tight or lopsided!

Turns out that I bought a new sock bun from Claire’s for about $5 which is more than what I paid for my first sock bun (only paid like a buck for the first one ) but it looked like it would hold way more hair!

I totally recommend the sock bun from Claire’s!!! It really made a difference and I can get this hair style done in less than 2 minutes!


So let’s talk about this skirt!! It’s AMAZING!!!



From the first minute I tried it on I knew that this would be my go to skirt for my ”lazy days!”

It’s like this cool scuba material that just holds you all in! They literally feel like pajamas and they’re modest which is always a plus!!

I decided to pair this skirt up with my red bow heels to add a pop of color! I will be forever in love with the color combination of red,navy and white!

I wanted to share this skirt with three of you girlies so let’s have a quick giveaway shall we?!!

There will be 3 winners!!

Here’s how to Enter:

1. Follow ModestlyHot Blog (Follow Button is on the right side of the page!)

2.Follow Debbie’s Closet on Instagram: @Debbiescloset

And that’s it!!!

Winners will be announced on Sunday!!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! and GOOD LUCK!

Til Next Time,



Polka Dots and Denim! Featuring Shabby Apple!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

It was such a gorgeous day here in Utah, it was bright and sunny but a bit chilly! (Deceiving weather really!)

Remember that mystery item I was telling you all that I was going to pick up?!

Um…well here it is!


MY DREAM SKIRT!! AAH! Ladies I cannot tell you how long this skirt has been on my wishlist!


In addition to this skirt I got more Shabby Apple goodies I cannot wait to share with you!

Okay this skirt is probably in my top 3 most loved skirts I own!


I remember seeing this skirt all over Pinterest and thinking to myself, ” I will have that skirt in my closet!”

That’s one thing about me, when I want something, you better believe I am going to get it! LOL Whether I have to go to the ends of the world and back, I always try and make it work! Even when I was little I have been this way!

hahaha a quick little story that comes to mind is that when I was in kindergarten I wanted to buy everyone gifts for Christmas and I was not willing to buy them with my parent’s money (I mean it’s not a gift if they end up buying it right?..)

So I came up with a fabulous idea of drawing kitty cat drawings and selling them for a profit. (Yes, I til this day say kitty cat don’t judge lol)

I went around school selling these cat drawings for $1 each and was able to buy my parents and brother gifts, weeks before Christmas! I still remember how shocked my parents were in finding out that I had sold cat drawings to buy gifts for them! LOL


I totally recommend this skirt for numerous reasons!

1. To feel like a Princess

2. The material is such nice quality!

3. To feel like a Princess


4. To feel like a Princess

I feel like that sums it all up!


While this skirt is pretty awesome in itself finding a top to go along with it was a challenge!

I tried countless number of tops with this skirt! I mean I went through my entire closet and they just didn’t see right!

So I put to practice my famous last words;…”When in doubt; Wear CHAMBRAY!”

Yes chambray is always the answer!




This skirt is actually very fluffy and poofy all on its own but I wanted even MORE poof to the skirt so I added a tulle skirt underneath to give it some more lift!



For my accessories I wanted it to be very glamorous so I added my Crystal Cluster Necklace and some vintage crystal earrings!



I couldn’t help but twirl and spin around in my Waltzing Matilda Skirt!!

Way to go Shabby Apple! You definitely won me over with this cute little number!

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I am excited to chat with you gorgeous gals again!



Outfit Details:

Waltzing Matilda Polka Dot Skirt : Shabby Apple

Chambray Shirt: DownEast Basics

Crystal Cluster Necklace: Purple Peridot


$20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!

Happy Mid Week Everyone!!!

You’re almost there you guys!! The weekend is coming I promise!!

So while we wait for the weekend…..

I am so excited to announce a new blog series (Drum roll please!)

The $20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!


That’s right! Every Wednesday a modest fashion blogger will put her money saving savvy skills to the ultimate test!!

I did this challenge a long time ago and decided to repeat it again just because it’s so much fun!!

I love shopping the clearance rack and using as many coupons as the cashier will let me scan lol! (PRO TIP: Make friends with your cashier you never know when they’ll scan their 40% OFF employee discount just for you!)

I was encouraged to do this challenge because I want to let girls know that:

A: You can shop at regular chain stores and still find modest clothing or make them work!


B: Dressing modestly does not have to break the bank!

So without further ado, here is one of my outfits for under $20!

Here are the rules if you’d wish to follow along!!

~Your Outfit has to be under or $20

~ Shoes are not included but can be if you’re a pro like that!

So of course when you hear affordable clothing you think of shopping at ROSS!

It’s just the natural thing to do!

I not only found one outfit but 3!!

I found this GORGEOUS floral skater dress at the Juniors section and INSTANTLY fell in love!! So on trend for summer and it looks very chic with the right accessories!


These dresses do run very small! I had to size up all the way up to a size Large!

I decided to pair up this floral dress with the rich tones of cognac! I LOVE cognac! It’s so shabby chic!

I scored this dress for just $9.99!! Major score!


Now this dress hit exactly at my knee which was great when I am standing up but for modesty reasons I added a lace skirt extender! Plus I love the touch of lace paired up with the floral print!


This dress is already so colorful and amazing! So a white necklace seemed appropriate!

I got this necklace at a Utah Fashion Expo Event for just $3!!

IMG_2106                           I love how comfortable this dress is!! The fabric is so stretchy! Definitely going to be my ”All You Can Eat Buffet” Dress! LOL!


Alright so here’s the breakdown!

Floral Skater Dress: $9.99 but $10.68 w/tax

White Teardrop Necklace : $3

Cognac Belt: $3

GRAND TOTAL: $16.68!!

I hope you follow along this challenge and tag me on Instagram if you do!!

Can’t wait to see them!!

Til Next Time!




Modest Disney Princess LookBook!! Princess and the Frog Edition!

Happy Wednesday Girlies!!


Its week #3 for our Modest Disney Princess LookBook!! I was so thrilled when Lauren decided to join us! Lauren did an amazing job channeling her inner Tiana from Princess and the Frog!!

I totally gasped out loud when she sent me her pictures!!
IMG_1231 `                                                                                                     That green dress is spot on!

IMG_1233                                                                                                      I love the gold belt with the dress and that cute froggy!! So creative!


Even though she is the ”fairest of them all” she totally nailed her Princess look!!

Head on over to Lauren’s blog to check out more modest fashion!!

Til Next Time!



Modest Ways to Style Denim Shirts!

Happy Thursday Girlies!!


As I was folding the laundry this past week I noticed a common thread in my choices of shirts. The majority of them were all denim/chambray shirts!! At that point I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or I needed some sort of therapy! lol I love all my chambray shirts equally and I do not have one that I prefer over the other! I would say that I wear chambray shirts at least twice a week! They’re so easy to style! I kid you not, they go with everything!!!

Denim is the new black!


Outfit #1 Use your chambray shirt tied at the waist instead of a jean jacket!

Jean jackets are great, but they can be heavy and too hot for the summer. A chambray shirt tied at the waist gives you the same look as a jean jacket without all the bulk!


For accessories I wore a gold half moon statement necklace to give it a touch of glam! P.S. I love the ruching of this maxi skirt!

Outfit #2: Wear your chambray shirt with bold statement skirts!

I love a bold print on my skirts especially when they’re full and grand! Sometimes you just have to let the skirt be the star of the show!


Outfit #3: Wear your chambray as a layering piece under cardigans!

This is my ultimate favorite way to wear chambray shirts, just peeking out of a cardigan!

It makes the outfit more sophisticated and chic!


I love to cuff the sleeves over the cardigan for that extra pop of denim! I added a mint bubble necklace for a fun pop of color for spring!

Outfit #4 : Use your chambray shirt as a neutralizer with Sequin Skirts


Have you ever paired two very flashy items together and looked in the mirror in horror?!

Sure, the pieces individually are amazing, but a total disaster when paired together! That’s why I love to pair sequins with denim because it acts as a neutralizer and lets the sequins steal the show!





I hope you girls have found this helpful and I want to see how you style your denim shirts!

There will be a part 2 coming in the near future!

Til Next Time,




DIY CandyLand TableScape

Happy Friday girlies!!
What a week it has been! From long line waiting to stressful holiday chaos and on top of that being sick! Yeah I think we all need like a 48 hr. nap now.
Anyways this year I decided to decorate the house like the Candy Land board game!

I have an obsession with those clear candy buffet jars! I am absolutely in love how classy and expensive they make candy look!
We have so many of them that I just had to put them to good use this year!

I wanted to give the room a fantasy vibe! So I got the inspiration for the lighted curtains from “A Glamour Girl ” IG! Absolutely loved it! Pictures do not do it justice! I found sheer white curtains at Walmart for just $4!


Now for the table settings what we did was put red plates underneath our gold and white dinnerware with a red glitter snowflake on top! The napkin rings are from Oriental Trading hot glued with a peppermint candy!



Gotta love the oversized lollipop centerpiece also purchased from Oriental Trading!

Also at the doorway I took 4 empty wrapping paper rolls stacked two on top of each other to create two towers. Then I strung red lights around it and totally loved the entrance!


I also took advantage of a corner in my house that has a dainty window! I turned it into a hot chocolate bar station for the guests! Super fun! I used mason jars with fun paper straws
And hot chocolate packets inside.
It was very fun and stressful to transform the house this year as Candy Land!
Hope you girlies enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!