Easy Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Gift Ideas (Quick DIY and Inexpensive Gifts for Him)

Happy Friday Girlies!!

Long time no craft right?! Finally there is some room to breathe after the holiday season! Valentines Day is just around the corner and I thought I’d show you adorable and super easy gifts to make for your loved one! I don’t know about you but Valentine’s Day gifts to me are more casual and easy going! (not to mention ridiculously cheesy at times lol)

One of my favorite items to craft with are mason jars! There’s just something about the look of a shabby chic mason jar that is so versatile for any gift! Wanna know the ultimate best gift you can ever give a guy?!!

`*Wait for It*~

FOOD!  haha! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy complaining about getting food as a gift!  You can never go wrong with making treats for your man. Like ever.

On that note let’s get on with the craft!

You will need:

~Mason Jar(s)

~Treats to fill the jar up

~Cupcake Liners (Valentine’s Day Theme preferred)

~Embellishments: Paper,buttons,twine,stickers etc.

~Hot Glue Gun

Pretzels dipped in Chocolate? Yes please!

Pretzels dipped in Chocolate? Yes please!

I wanted to keep things very simple and easy for the treats on these jars something that would last til the 14th since I started making these way ahead of time. There’s nothing easier (or yummier) than dipping pretzels in chocolate! Super easy and inexpensive! Next all there is left to do is decorate the jar however you’d like! I love this craft because it turns out differently each time.


If you’ve ever tried decorating the lids of mason jars you know how tricky it can be to keep your decorations glued in place! Using cupcake liners are a total time saver! It looks professional and it was so easy!


Here’s another variation that is sure to make your Valentine smile! It’s actually much simpler to make than the last one!

All I did was stack two rows of white gumballs and popped a red gumball where it was going to be visible. I made a tag and added a cute button to it with a doily on the top! Super cute right?!


I hope you girls got inspiration from all these cute mason jars crafts! I will be doing more DIY’s for Valentine’s Day next week!

Til Next Time,



DIY Candy Land Christmas Wreath/Using Deco Mesh

Happy Thursday Girlies!!

I’m so excited for today’s tutorial!It was so much fun making this wreath! I went on Pinterest and found a couple of ways to make a wreath out of deco mesh and this was the result!

So just a quick back story, I was at Michael’s and was blown away of how GORGEOUS their wreaths were! And of course I turn over the price tag and find a whopping $90 price tag! YIKES! (Its no longer cute anymore. lol)

So like all my DIY’s come from something being way overpriced! On that note let’s get started!
What you will need:
– White Deco Mesh (Walmart $4.98)

– Red and White Striped Deco Mesh (Walmart $7.98)

-Wreath Frame (Walmart $3.00)

– Pipe Cleaners (Walmart $0.88)

– Random Decorations?Candy Canes,Candies,Ornaments


6- Hot glue gun

Step 1:

First you are going to tie two pipe cleaners on the inner and outer wires. Keep doing this all around your wreath.


It should look something like this!


Next, gather up the deco mesh at the end and bunch it up like so. We will be doing the inner ring first.

Work your way all around the inner ring and then without cutting the mesh, work your way up to the upper ring.



You can go over the wreath again with the remaining mesh to make it more full or stop at this point.






Next you want to hide all the pipe cleaners and “fluff” up the mesh however you see fit!
Now comes my favorite part! Decorating!!!
So pretty much I just put two candy canes, little candies , and ornaments all throughout!



DIY Dollar Store Vanity/Jewelry Tray!

Happy Thursday Girlys!
I am currently redecorating my room and needed glamorous pieces to add to my vanity. My search was neither successful nor affordable. It was either the store had exactly what I wanted but for the wrong price (wayyy wrong price lol) or it was too plain jane.
So I went out and made my own trays!
Now I am super guilty of ruining my jewelry from not putting it back in it’s box. I can’t tell you how many necklaces are currently in the junk drawer in pieces. 🙈
Anyways I went to Dollar Tree and for just $5 I made myself a jewelry tray that doubles as decoration!
What you will need:
3 silver trays (Dollar Tree)
2 candlesticks (Dollar Tree
Super Glue (Dollar Tree)
Chrome paint (optional)


Now if you’d like, you can paint your candlesticks chrome with a spray paint I found at Home Depot for $4, but I actually like how the glass and chrome look together so I just left it alone.
Secondly you are going to take your super glue and place the glue all around the candlestick and just a bit of glue onto the silver tray.


Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for the next two tiers.


Wait for 5 minutes until the tier is completely stable and voila you’re done!! Super easy and looks really expensive!
Another variation I did was instead of adding a silver tray at the top I added a small round mirror which you can also find at the dollar store. Quick disclaimer if you are making it as a cupcake/cake tower make sure you use something stronger than super glue. But since this is mainly for eyecandy it works out just fine.



I absolutely loved how it turned out and it only took 5 minutes and 5 dollars.
Hope you girls try it out!
Til Next Time