Casual and Comfy Modest Outfits! Featuring Sierra Brooke & Deela Couture

Happy Friday! Finals are over and my second fall semester at West Coast Baptist College is officially over and I am beyond excited to be back home in Utah! Looking back from a year ago to my first fall semester God has definitely moved and worked in my heart and I cannot believe how much I have grown since that first semester. This topic deserves a blog post all on its own, but for now I can only express gratitude toward God and my parents for allowing me to attend an institution that still believes in the power of prayer and the Word of God.



Casual Modest Outfit #1: Deela Couture 

During finals week, it is the most stressful time for all of us on campus! Finals week deserves comfy, cute, and no-ironing needed type of dresses! This is why modest swing dresses are the way to go!


I am absolutely obsessed with this black and white modest swing dress from Deela Couture. It is so classy and comfy! I paired up this dress with a classic, country chic, horse bit buckle belt with my cognac chunky heels from Target! Of course I could not forget a floppy wool hat from Walmart!  (DIRECT LINK) Probably the cheapest I have seen them ($10) and they carry them in all sorts of colors!



I love that Deela Couture makes all of their clothing with quality and makes sure that every piece is designed to provide comfort and style! I just had to have this dress!! img_7756

Casual modest Outfit #2: Comfy Fall Floral Striped Dress from Sierra Brooke Clothing


I absolutely LOVE this glamorous dress!! The bold stripes, the maroon colors, and the floral print make it one of my favorites!! It is such a unique dress that it is no wonder that it is a hot selling item! img_7752img_7753

The Chelsea dress is very stretchy and I love the fact that the length is modestly long yet not too long where it hits the awkward length! Sierra Brooke is RIGHT NOW offering 10% OFF any purchase by using the code: “SBFRIENDS” at checkout! 


Still cannot get enough of my affordable Walmart floppy hat! img_7750


I hope you guys check out these amazing websites for modest clothing and definitely consider buying one (or two) for you and as gifts for your skirt girls!


What I Wore:
“Chelsea” Maroon Striped Floral Dress: Sierra Brooke 

Black and White Swing Dress: Deela Couture 

Chic Floppy Hat: Walmart

Special Mentions: 

Photography by: Jasmine Nicole Labra 



Sponsorship and Clothing Provided by:

Instagram: Sierra Brooke Clothing @sierrabrookeclothing

Instagram:  Deela Couture @deela_couture 

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ModestlyHot Instagram: @ModestlyHot


*DISCLAIMER* Thank you for the generosity of Sierra Brooke & Deela Couture for sponsoring this post! Please note that all my opinions are still my own as I only promote companies that comply with ModestlyHot’s core values of faith, fashion and fitness! I am EXTREMELY grateful for all your continued support through out the years and for the amazing opportunities that have come out of it! I truly mean it when I say that all of this could not be made possible without God and you! (Yes, you reading this behind the screen!)

💛❤️Disney Fashion! Easy Mickey Mouse Outfit💛❤️

Hello and Happy Friday Eve!💛❤️
Today’s outfit is one of my favorite lookbooks to do which is Disney Fashion!!
There just something so magical about dressing up like your favorite character!
Peek a boo!! I just couldn’t resist! Hehe!
This is my second Mickey Mouse outfit recreation and I thought since i got a new red shirt I could easily do more Disney Looks! Including this one!

Mickey Mouse is probably one of the easiest Disney outfits to recreate since practically any store sells polkadots!!



I can’t tell you guys how OBSESSED I am with my Taralynn’s Boutique Skirt !
Ugh it’s so perfect and the material is such nice quality with a nice weight to it!( I prefer skirts made with heavier materials)



Now a couple of weeks ago I was at Forever21 and saw these amazing Minnie Mouse / Mickey Mouse headbands for just $3!! There was a black polkadot one and a white one and of course I had to snag them both!
I actually wear them every morning when applying my makeup to get all the hair out of my face!
Great for face masks at night too!

I definitely recommend buying solid colored tops at Ross! They’re so cheap and a must have in my closet!!💛👍
I scored this gorgeous red blouse for just $8!


Let’s talk handbags for a second!!😍
I was shopping at my local mall and there’s a store called the B.O.Y. Store (doesn’t make sense since they sell all cutesty and girly things)
And I stumbled across this gem of a bag!!
I mean come on!! All my weaknesses designed into one cute satchel!!
Bows, old fashioned closures, patent, and a structured body?!?


I’m definitely contemplating on purchasing the red one!! EEK😍❤️

Well that wraps up today’s #disneystyle

Any more Disney inspired looks/suggestions? let me know!!👍
Til Next Time
God Bless You!




Random Shopping Haul! Ross,Rue 21, H&M, Dollar Tree & Bath & Body Works!

Hello Lovelies!!

It’s Friday and everyone knows Fridays are for shopping! (& Saturday and Sunday aaaand Monday . lol)

I could not get a hold of myself this month of the amazing sales everyone is having! I mean Semi- Annual Sale Galore is happening in just about every store!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin!


Let’s start off with my online orders!

So I’m always shopping off of Poshmark as you all know, and I found the cutest red and white polka dot heels!

So retro chic! They were originally listed for $30 but I offered $25 and the buyer accepted it. But I did not actually pay $25 because I had a couple of posh credits in my accounts meaning that I was only charged $14 to my card total!

IMG_2486                           I had a super happy mail day when my Cents of Style fashion tees came in the mail!

I love my ”Let it Go” graphic tee so much that I INSTANTLY bought three when they were on!

It was so hard choosing what shirts to get but I decided on the , ”Stay Classy”,”Bless her Heart (<3)” and ”As If!”

(Excuse the wrinkles they’ve been in the mailing parcel til I wear them!)

IMG_2496                           So I was at my local mall and I always make sure to check Ross (especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they add new stock) to see what new stuff they had!

*Hint hint* these next items may or may not be for you! 😉 (cough* future giveaway*)


Now I love shopping in the mornings as soon as the mall opens because there is no hassle of lines,but I had to get to work! I actually returned to the mall after work when I saw everyone walking out with bath and body works bags, but not just any bags, they were the special,”Semi-Annual Sale” kind of shopping bags!

EEK! So of course I was going to stock up on yummy fragrances for myself and my home!


They were also having a ”Flashback Fragrances” sale for just $3.50 each!


The sale was CRAZY! I scored $22.50 3 wick candles for just $5! And oh my ! Look what I found!

Nautical Inspired Candles?!! You know I had to snatch a couple up!





Speaking about nautical I went into Icing and they were having all their necklaces on sale for just $5! So I picked up this nautical necklace with these adorable nautical charms!

The super nice girl at the store saw how anchor crazed I was and she brought out from the backroom the most amazing sandals ever!!

They were navy and white striped anchor sandals!! YASS!!!!


Next stop is of course Rue 21 my go to place for dirt cheap (almost free) clothes!!

So I loved my blush tulle skirt so much that I went in and bought the black version !
I also scored these adorable patriotic sandals! (Which I’ve already worn like 5 times lol shhh dont tell!)



”She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot.”.. cardigan?!

Hahaha yes I just had to! Plus it was really inexpensive!



Last but certainly not least is Dollar Tree!

Ever since I was a little kid I have had a love for shopping at Dollar Tree! (I mean come on everything’s a buck!)

So I picked up these cute anchor duct tapes!

I know you guys!!!! I have a problem!!

I ‘m not sure what exactly I’ll use them for but I’ll get back to ya!


So that wraps up today’s haul!!

God Bless You!



$20 Modest Outfit Challenge! Week #2! Featuring Lauren from Modern Modesty!

Happy Monday!!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too terrible for you all! My Monday is actually quite pleasant today! (I blame the weather!)

It’s week #2 of the $20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!!

So excited to see what deals our modest fashion bloggers scored!!

This week is Lauren’s turn from Modern Modesty!

Oh and by the way her name is pronounced (luh-ren) Heheh I love it!! So chic!



I love the color combination!! Green and cobalt are so trendy for the summer!


She did an amazing job!!! I mean J. Crew Skirt for $11.99?! Yes please!!!

Here is the Lauren’s Grand total!

Blouse: TJMaxx $9.99
Skirt: JCrew $11.99
Grand Total: $21.98 (So close!)
Way to Go Lauren!

Be sure to check Lauren’s Modest Fashion Blog!!

Believe it or not I feel as though most of my outfits (skirt and top ) have been under $20! I wanted to share with you the deals I found this past week at Rue21!

I quickly went to browse through the sales they had and boy what perfect timing to go when they had the ENTIRE store on sale!


EEK! Super excited because Rue 21 is already so affordable!

Walking in I saw a skirt that was made just for me and I couldn’t believe the price!!


A blush tulle skirt?!! for just $20 +extra savings on top of that!?

I ADORE tulle skirts and I’m usually paying $30-$60 each!

But wait! There’s more!

I actually scored this dreamy floral blouse in the clearance rack!! It was marked down to $9.99 but had an additional percentage off making it only $6.99!

Now with the tulle skirt it was $20 + the floral blouse $6.99 making the total $26.99

Almost $7 over budget but I knew I wasn’t going to stop the savings right there!

So I pulled out of my magical barney bag (hahah what? Didn’t you watch Barney as a kid? lol)

a $10 OFF when you spent $20 or more!


And the choir sang ”Hallelujah” as I saw the grand total of just $16.99! Which means that I scored my blush tulle skirt for just $8.50!


So here is the complete roundup!

Floral Blouse: Rue 21 $9.99 On sale but $6.99 with additional percentage off!

Blush Tulle Skirt: Rue 21 $20.00

Grand Total before coupon: $26.99

Grand Total after coupon: $16.99


This week’s $20 Modest Outfit Challenge has been so much fun and I have a couple more in store!!!

Well that’s a wrap!

Til Next Time!



Modest in Red, White & Blue! Memorial Day Outfit Ideas!

Hey you guys!! Happy Friday!! It’s been crazy how fast this week has gone by!

To say that I am ready for the weekend is an understatement! (Shopping, food and fun? Yes Please!)

Memorial Day is right around the corner and I thought to myself ,”hmm I have dozens of outfit ideas on that!”

I personally love anything that is red,white and blue, anchors, stars and stripes! It all excites me!!

IMG_2151                           So for today’s outfit I have the morning off so I am going to swing by the store and pick up an order I made by phone.(Cant wait to show you all what the mystery item is!!)

I recently shopped at Rue21 and picked up some clearance goodies since they were having the entire store on sale!  plus buy one get one 50%OFF !

So…… I bought this top!


I know I know… You’d think I would have enough anchor print tops already right?!


You can never have too many cute anchor shirts!!

As soon as i saw it I knew it had to be mine + I got it half off!

You can’t tell in the pic but the sleeves are actually cuffed! So J. Crew!

Now, I loved how the first outfit looked but last year I did a pretty similar look with the same skirt but with a different anchor top which was also coincidentally from Rue 21!



So I wanted to jazz it up a bit and I knew exactly what I was going to pair it up with!

I actually had to dig this striped H&M blazer from my hamper which is pretty intimidating because it was stuffed full!


I love how this outfit screams nautical! Oh and here’s a quick little tip for easy pattern mixing!

Always match colors not patterns! In this outfit the striped blazer works with the anchor print top because they’re both navy and white. And the pop of yellow works because yellow and navy are opposites on the color wheel.


Since there was alot of pattern mixing and colors already I opted for my nude Christian Louboutin heels!

Not the comfiest pair of heels but definitely the most stylish! (That pop of red gets me every time!)




I already want to wear this shirt again!!

Well that’s all for now and I have included some outfit ideas for Memorial Day Weekend and 4th of July!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday!

Love ya!



Outfit Details:

Striped Blazer: H&M Clearance Find!

Anchor Print Top: Rue 21

Nude Heels: Christian Louboutin













$20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!

Happy Mid Week Everyone!!!

You’re almost there you guys!! The weekend is coming I promise!!

So while we wait for the weekend…..

I am so excited to announce a new blog series (Drum roll please!)

The $20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!


That’s right! Every Wednesday a modest fashion blogger will put her money saving savvy skills to the ultimate test!!

I did this challenge a long time ago and decided to repeat it again just because it’s so much fun!!

I love shopping the clearance rack and using as many coupons as the cashier will let me scan lol! (PRO TIP: Make friends with your cashier you never know when they’ll scan their 40% OFF employee discount just for you!)

I was encouraged to do this challenge because I want to let girls know that:

A: You can shop at regular chain stores and still find modest clothing or make them work!


B: Dressing modestly does not have to break the bank!

So without further ado, here is one of my outfits for under $20!

Here are the rules if you’d wish to follow along!!

~Your Outfit has to be under or $20

~ Shoes are not included but can be if you’re a pro like that!

So of course when you hear affordable clothing you think of shopping at ROSS!

It’s just the natural thing to do!

I not only found one outfit but 3!!

I found this GORGEOUS floral skater dress at the Juniors section and INSTANTLY fell in love!! So on trend for summer and it looks very chic with the right accessories!


These dresses do run very small! I had to size up all the way up to a size Large!

I decided to pair up this floral dress with the rich tones of cognac! I LOVE cognac! It’s so shabby chic!

I scored this dress for just $9.99!! Major score!


Now this dress hit exactly at my knee which was great when I am standing up but for modesty reasons I added a lace skirt extender! Plus I love the touch of lace paired up with the floral print!


This dress is already so colorful and amazing! So a white necklace seemed appropriate!

I got this necklace at a Utah Fashion Expo Event for just $3!!

IMG_2106                           I love how comfortable this dress is!! The fabric is so stretchy! Definitely going to be my ”All You Can Eat Buffet” Dress! LOL!


Alright so here’s the breakdown!

Floral Skater Dress: $9.99 but $10.68 w/tax

White Teardrop Necklace : $3

Cognac Belt: $3

GRAND TOTAL: $16.68!!

I hope you follow along this challenge and tag me on Instagram if you do!!

Can’t wait to see them!!

Til Next Time!




DIY Dollar Tree Fashion Hacks!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too horrible for ya today!

Mine aren’t too bad since the weather is quite pleasant today!

As with every Sunday my room looks like a tornado hit it! It’s like I try to keep it clean all week long to just end up destroying it on Sunday looking for an outfit! It’s usually pretty messy but man it’s not just clothes on the ground but a jungle of statement necklaces, stilettos, and hair products! (Can you say hazardous?)

So in order for me to get any sort of fashion inspiration I needed to roll up my sleeves and clean up!

So last night I went to Dollar Tree like 30 minutes before they closed, (time was not my friend yesterday) and looked for things to help me organize my stuff!

And I thought I would share some fashion organization hacks that have helped keep my sanity! lol


So my first goal to cleaning up was definitely my scarf drawers!

Now I feel it is my duty to keep it real with you all and show pics of the disastrous drawer…


Yep, and this one was the ”least chaotic” looking one!

I had tons of drawers just stuffed full of scarves that I couldn’t even open them!

And I needed the space so I could store more clothes in them instead of having them folded on my floor :/


So I picked up these shower curtain rings which have come a long way since they had more colors this time!

Of course I opted to go for the white shower curtain rings  since it would match my room decor the best!


I clipped the rings onto a hanger and hung 12 scarves onto a single hanger!

Each pack of curtain rings comes with 12 of them which is pretty awesome!

This was a total game changer because A. I finally had space in my drawers, and B. They hung nice and flat in my closet!

And I could see all my scarves instead of having to dig for them!


My next problem area was the infamous ”junk drawer”! *Dun Dun dun!*


Now I found this drawer a couple days ago while searching for a red lipstick that I thought had ”magically” disappeared!

Turns out this is where all my ”missing makeup” was!

Now I kinda wanted to just close the drawer shut and forget about it but I felt bad that this makeup was going to go bad and not be used!

So I was on the hunt for something to organize all my junk drawers!


Silverware tray? I prefer to call it a ”Junk Drawer” Organizer thingy.


BAM! I am motivated to finally use all this stuff up!

Of course this whole organizing drawers thing was getting to be real fun so I thought I would go ahead and organize my hair accessory drawer too!


Now I totally forgot to insert a before photo of this junk drawer but trust me it was pretty bad. (Was is the keyword here lol)

Alright my next problem were making my boots stay standing up!

Normally I would put magazines inside the boots but these boots were really tall and a magazine was not going to cut it!

So of course pool noodles would be tall enough!



Yay! Problem solved! I might do this with all my other boots as well!

I spent about less than $10 to get organized and back to getting inspired! (Not to mention stress free!)

I hope you enjoyed this easy hacks to getting organized!!

Til Next Time,

God Bless You!



Dollar Tree Organization Supplies:

~Black Silverware Trays

~Pool Noodles

~Shower Curtain Rings


Easy Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Gift Ideas (Quick DIY and Inexpensive Gifts for Him)

Happy Friday Girlies!!

Long time no craft right?! Finally there is some room to breathe after the holiday season! Valentines Day is just around the corner and I thought I’d show you adorable and super easy gifts to make for your loved one! I don’t know about you but Valentine’s Day gifts to me are more casual and easy going! (not to mention ridiculously cheesy at times lol)

One of my favorite items to craft with are mason jars! There’s just something about the look of a shabby chic mason jar that is so versatile for any gift! Wanna know the ultimate best gift you can ever give a guy?!!

`*Wait for It*~

FOOD!  haha! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy complaining about getting food as a gift!  You can never go wrong with making treats for your man. Like ever.

On that note let’s get on with the craft!

You will need:

~Mason Jar(s)

~Treats to fill the jar up

~Cupcake Liners (Valentine’s Day Theme preferred)

~Embellishments: Paper,buttons,twine,stickers etc.

~Hot Glue Gun

Pretzels dipped in Chocolate? Yes please!

Pretzels dipped in Chocolate? Yes please!

I wanted to keep things very simple and easy for the treats on these jars something that would last til the 14th since I started making these way ahead of time. There’s nothing easier (or yummier) than dipping pretzels in chocolate! Super easy and inexpensive! Next all there is left to do is decorate the jar however you’d like! I love this craft because it turns out differently each time.


If you’ve ever tried decorating the lids of mason jars you know how tricky it can be to keep your decorations glued in place! Using cupcake liners are a total time saver! It looks professional and it was so easy!


Here’s another variation that is sure to make your Valentine smile! It’s actually much simpler to make than the last one!

All I did was stack two rows of white gumballs and popped a red gumball where it was going to be visible. I made a tag and added a cute button to it with a doily on the top! Super cute right?!


I hope you girls got inspiration from all these cute mason jars crafts! I will be doing more DIY’s for Valentine’s Day next week!

Til Next Time,



DIY Candy Land Christmas Wreath/Using Deco Mesh

Happy Thursday Girlies!!

I’m so excited for today’s tutorial!It was so much fun making this wreath! I went on Pinterest and found a couple of ways to make a wreath out of deco mesh and this was the result!

So just a quick back story, I was at Michael’s and was blown away of how GORGEOUS their wreaths were! And of course I turn over the price tag and find a whopping $90 price tag! YIKES! (Its no longer cute anymore. lol)

So like all my DIY’s come from something being way overpriced! On that note let’s get started!
What you will need:
– White Deco Mesh (Walmart $4.98)

– Red and White Striped Deco Mesh (Walmart $7.98)

-Wreath Frame (Walmart $3.00)

– Pipe Cleaners (Walmart $0.88)

– Random Decorations?Candy Canes,Candies,Ornaments


6- Hot glue gun

Step 1:

First you are going to tie two pipe cleaners on the inner and outer wires. Keep doing this all around your wreath.


It should look something like this!


Next, gather up the deco mesh at the end and bunch it up like so. We will be doing the inner ring first.

Work your way all around the inner ring and then without cutting the mesh, work your way up to the upper ring.



You can go over the wreath again with the remaining mesh to make it more full or stop at this point.






Next you want to hide all the pipe cleaners and “fluff” up the mesh however you see fit!
Now comes my favorite part! Decorating!!!
So pretty much I just put two candy canes, little candies , and ornaments all throughout!



DIY Dollar Store Vanity/Jewelry Tray!

Happy Thursday Girlys!
I am currently redecorating my room and needed glamorous pieces to add to my vanity. My search was neither successful nor affordable. It was either the store had exactly what I wanted but for the wrong price (wayyy wrong price lol) or it was too plain jane.
So I went out and made my own trays!
Now I am super guilty of ruining my jewelry from not putting it back in it’s box. I can’t tell you how many necklaces are currently in the junk drawer in pieces. 🙈
Anyways I went to Dollar Tree and for just $5 I made myself a jewelry tray that doubles as decoration!
What you will need:
3 silver trays (Dollar Tree)
2 candlesticks (Dollar Tree
Super Glue (Dollar Tree)
Chrome paint (optional)


Now if you’d like, you can paint your candlesticks chrome with a spray paint I found at Home Depot for $4, but I actually like how the glass and chrome look together so I just left it alone.
Secondly you are going to take your super glue and place the glue all around the candlestick and just a bit of glue onto the silver tray.


Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for the next two tiers.


Wait for 5 minutes until the tier is completely stable and voila you’re done!! Super easy and looks really expensive!
Another variation I did was instead of adding a silver tray at the top I added a small round mirror which you can also find at the dollar store. Quick disclaimer if you are making it as a cupcake/cake tower make sure you use something stronger than super glue. But since this is mainly for eyecandy it works out just fine.



I absolutely loved how it turned out and it only took 5 minutes and 5 dollars.
Hope you girls try it out!
Til Next Time