Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point Featuring Unique Vintage 1950’s Swing Dress!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

It has been officially 4 days back home in the gorgeous state of Utah! The trees, mountains and weather have all been calling my name since last month!

As a result we spent all day Saturday at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point! The Ashton gardens are simply stunning with 55 acres of greenery, flowers, and even waterfalls! My mom loves gardens so we thought to spend Mother’s Day weekend at the Tulip Festival!



As soon as I landed in Utah there was rain for the first 3 days! However, despite the rain the climate was still warmer in comparison to California surprisingly!

I love spring showers and what better way to welcome spring than with a classic red rose floral dress! This stunning dress from Unique Vintage was sent to me to review for you girls! Let me tell you the fit, quality and style of this dress has got my head over the clouds!!



It is a classic swing dress one that you may have found in Paris in the 1950’s! Very Parisian and simply timeless! The actual dress itself embodies a classic A-line silhouette, cinched with a vintage inspired brooch! But my ultimate favorite part has got to be the flawless draping of the neckline. I added some vintage cat-eye sunnies and laced up black flats to complete the look!


TREND ALERT: <<<<<<Edgy Laced Up Flats>>>>>>

Recently, you may have been noticing all the fashion influencers with these edgy laced up flats and heels! If you are anything like me, I am all about trying out the latest trends if they are affordable and will not go out of style too quickly! As I ran a quick Google search for these shoes I came across the Giuseppe Zanotti version for a whopping $900! So just like any fashion trend, I waited a couple of months for the competing stores to come out with a more affordable version! I scored these black ballet laced up flats at Rue 21 for just $16! Oh and they are currently buy one get on 50% OFF! (HURRY! These won’t last long!) Yes please to color options!




For modesty purposes I added my 3/4 length white half tee from Cupcake Cover Tops!  It is an essential for the summer without adding unnecessary layers!

This completes today’s review of Unique Vintage’s Swing Dress! I will link off the dress down below!I hope you all have a blessed week and I will check in with you all tomorrow!

<<<<<Unique Vintage Retro Rose Swing Dress HERE>>>>


Ashley Amber








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