❄️✨❄️Elsa from Frozen Inspired Look!❄️✨❄️ Featuring Amazing Lash Studio Grand Opening!❄️✨❄️

Hello and Happy Friday lovelies!!


I am so excited to share with you this long awaited Elsa inspired photoshoot!! I had plans on doing this photoshoot since last year for Disney Fashion Week but alas the location we wanted to shoot (Ice Castles) was closed due to the weather being too hot!

So this year when I heard the Ice Castles were coming back to Utah I knew I had to make this photoshoot happen ASAP before they melted again!

Before we dive into the look, A HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful ladies at the Amazing Lash Studio for allowing me to try out something I’ve never ever done before… Lash Extensions!! It was the most perfect timing because I’ve always wanted to try out lash extensions just for the pure fact that you wake up and your lashes are looking all done up and glamorous without using mascara! It was a perfect sending away to college gift for me, which will allow me to catch a few more ZZZ’S in the morning! And there is nothing more valuable than sleep to a college student! Can I get an amen there? lol

Take a look at their gorgeous new salon for this week’s ModestlyHot Snapshots!





This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As soon as I walked in I knew it was going to be a good day because the place was GORGEOUS! Good Lightning, Pink, and Sparkly decor? So up my alley!

All you Utah ladies listen up because if you’ve ever wanted to try out lash extensions now is the perfect time because Amazing Lash Studio is having their Grand Opening in American Fork! 

The usual price for a set of lashes is $250, but the first pair always gets a special introductory price of $79.99, and even that will be 25% off during the grand opening, so it is the BEST price ever!

I would highly recommend you Utah Locals to take advantage of this!!❤️❤️ I’m absolutely loving my lashes and I can’t believe I can go swimming, work out and sleep in them without having to worry about them! 

Not an ounce of mascara on! I’m loving it!  Thank you Amazing Lash Studio!!❤️💋💄 

All the details and their social media handles will be posted down below! ✨

Instagram: @amazinglashstudio_af

Website: Amazing Lash Studio

Now onto the Frozen Inspired Look featuring the gorgeous Ice Castles!! Enjoy!!❄️


Hope you all have an awesome Saturday!!❤️❤️❤️ 

If you ever want to collab/ or just chit chat please do not hesitate to contact me! 

I’m always checking my emails a lot quicker than on IG Direct:) 


God Bless❤️ 





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