❤️Once upon a Polkadot… Featuring DaintyJewells Dress!❤️

Hello Lovelies!! ❤️

Happy Sunday!! What a week it has been and what a week I look forward to! Last week was full of mid-terms which I am so thankful to all those who kept me in their prayers because this girl right here was about to lose her mind trying to remember eveything in every class!

Yesterday was such a busy day as well as we helped with “Pumkins in the Park” event for the little kids! 

It was so fun helping out and seeing the kids enjoy fall games, treats and picking their own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! 🎃 

 So exciting because today was Restart Sunday at Lancaster Baptist Church!! And yes that is a huge I-Phone📱 🙌🏻 

(I Call dibs on it when they take it down 😉) 

 For the past couple of weeks we have gone out and knocked on doors inviting everyone to Restart Sunday and it was so encouraging to see the auditorium full of new time visitors! 

For today’s outfit I just couldn’t wait to wear this GORGEOUS dress from Dainty Jewell’s!! 

In the past I have collaborated with Dainty Jewell’s and let me tell you how amazing their customer service always is! Out of all my Dainty Jewell’s dresses and skirts this one has got to be my ultimate fav!!😍 

The Central Park Dress is one of their new fall releases and it’s absolutely stunning and timeless! This dress is perfect for fall because it’s not an actual stark white but more of a softer cream/off white which make the dress 10x classier and chic!

The Polkadots are so spontaneous and of different sizes that make this dress unique than any other Polkadot dress out there! 

The fitted bodice and full midi skirt are right up my alley!❤️❤️❤️❤️ The “poofier” the better🙌🏻❤️😍 

This lovely dress came with a lovely matching sash but I decided I wanted to wear that look some other time and do the “glam 50’s ” look today! 

So out came my most favoritest-est-est-est-estest-est belt ever!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 (Yes I could keep going on and on about this belt!) this gold metal bar belt is simply the best belt I’ve ever worn! 

Thank you Two 12 Fashion!!✨ 

For my hair  I put those granny sponge rollers on my hair the night before! This is key when doing a retro hairstyle because in the morning you’ll want to brush them out gently to form waves. After that part your hair to the side and bobby pin it behind your ear ! *Make sure to wear pretty earrings to accentuate your classic 1950s do! * 


   For shoe I just couldn’t resist but to wear these red bow heels from She-Inside!

For my makeup I went for a classic red lip using my favorite red lipgloss  I got from an Ipsy Bag! 

It’s so rich and a shade of deep red ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Did I mention it’s only a lipgloss?! 

You guys I have found my new favorite blush and it’s from E.L.F! 

It’s the mellow mauve blush and it’s a soft muted dust rose! Goes with any makeup look to freshen up the skin! Plus it’s a steal at only $3!👍🏻 
Well that wraps up today’s post ! Hope you all have an awesome Monday! ❤️⚫️⚪️❤️ 

I also forgot to mention that this dress comes in a little girls size ! 

I could totally see this as bridesmaids/flower girl dresses! 

Have a great rest of your Sunday!





8 thoughts on “❤️Once upon a Polkadot… Featuring DaintyJewells Dress!❤️

  1. I had a feeling you went to LBC after I saw your pic from last weeks service! I love Paul Chappell’s preaching and books. Cary Schmidt has recently taken over a church in CT. I live in New England and I love being able to get to hear his preaching as well.

  2. I love the granny rollers! Lol! I was raised by my grandparents and my grandma used to set my hair in the pink sponge ones 🙂 Also ♡♡♡ polka dots. You look great! Wonderful photos!

      • Yes and the results come out awesome! Btw, do you go to lbc and the college there? If so, I’m so glad to see cute style applied to being modest!

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