Retro Cherry Dress Featuring Retro Betty ! +GIVEAWAY

Hello and Happy Monday!!!

Fourth of July is this week and what better way to kick off the week than with a retro 1950’s inspired outfit?!? I love a good retro inspired outfit as much as the next person but man this dress though?!😍


Red cherries? Check! A line? Check! Vintage? Check!! I am in LOVE!!!

I went to a darling Utah shop called Retro Betty and the shop is absolutely a vintage lovers dream!😍

For all you Utah locals I will list the address of the shop down below! Take your camera! There’s so much cuteness to photograph!


How cute is this little diner?!? You would never guess that this diner was located in the middle of a mall?! Lol


Me and the lovely Mildred (photographer) went to non other than Johnny Rockets ! Ugh you guys I want my house to look like this!!! Lol


One of summers hottest trends right one is Fruit prints!πŸ’πŸπŸŽπŸ“πŸ‹ I love incorporating new trends with classic styles & I feel like this dress channels both perfectly ! πŸ’


How cute are these cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21?!? A steal at just $3


To make this dress modest on top I wore my favorite modest hack ; my cupcake cover top!

This top is great because it only gives you the coverage you need, which is up top and the sleeves! Very lightweight and looks part of the dress and not “awkward”, if you know what I mean!

For a hot summer day, I felt covered but not melting! Lol



For my shoes I wore my favorite retro heels I purchased from Poshmark for just $14!!

I thought it would be fun to mix 2 vintage prints in one look!




A little touch up! Lol the heat was real!


Guess what time it is?!? Sundae time!! Lol funny story as I was ordering the sundae (mainly for photos lol) I asked the man how it looked and if it was cute! Β He looked at me with the most confused look I have ever seen! (Sorry I’m a blogger and we’re just weird like that! ) I explained to him what I was up to and he finally understood lol! And then he confused me! He said ,”alright would you like cheese on top of your sundae?” 😳 I’m sorry what? Cheese? As in queso? C-H-E-E-S-E on a sundae? LOL

i was tempted to try it but for the pictures I unfortunately had to decline. (Unfortunately .😜)


No cheese on this sundae just a cheesy smile!😜 ha ha ha ha … (Wow I need to stop….)





I hope one you guys pull through your Monday a little less painfully lol!

Will be listing the address of Retro Betty boutique for all you Utah Locals!

Till next Time! Stay Tuned for Giveaway Details!!



Outfit Details:

Red Cherry Dress: Retro Betty

2821 South 2300 East

SLC Utah 84109

Follow them on Instagram @RetroBettySLC

Alright girlies y’all ready for the giveaway?!??

For a chance to win a Retro Betty Dress

All you have to do is

1.Follow me on Instagram @modestlyhot

2. Follow @RetroBettySLC

3. Repost my picture and tag me in it so I can see!

4.For additional entries tag your friends on your reposted Β picture!! Each friend =1Β entry!

Have Fun and Good Luck!! Giveaway will end Next Monday!






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