How to style a Striped Midi Skirt! Featuring Taralynn’s Boutique!

Hello Happy Friday!!
The week is done and the weekend fun is just about to start!
How do you guys like to spend your weekend? Shopping? Hiking? Netflix? Or all of the above?!šŸ’ƒ lol
For today’s post I will be showing you 2 ways to style a striped midi skirt!
Now this skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS! The pleating, material and fit makes this skirt one of my current favs from Taralynn’s Boutique!

Last night me and Keara from @modest_style went to a darling tea party hosted by Kingdom and State!
It was a tea party and I knew this skirt would be just right for the social affair!
I wanted something pretty but also with short sleeves because it was extremely hot out!


Now because this skirt is a stand alone piece all on it’s own it really didn’t need any more “busy work ” up top!
So whenever a skirt is just So fabulous I pair it up with a simple graphic tee!

You may recognize this shirt from my previous hauls! The “Bless Her ā¤ļø” tee was a match made in heaven for this skirt! I scored it on for just $14!
Cents of Style definitely knows how to make a good graphic tee!šŸ‘
And gurllll let me tell ya a tee was definitely the way to go!


Now for look #2
I decided to recreate Stylish Petites outfit!
I am a HUGE fan of her style! She’s literally perfect!!


Chambray and Stripes are just a match made in heaven! And add a fancy schmacy necklace on top and that’s all you need!šŸ˜āœØ



Well that’s a wrap!
I hope you guys try these looks out with your striped midi skirts!ā¤ļø
Til Next Time!


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