Yellow & Gold Polka Dot Skirt Outfit! + Blogger Market Haul!

Happy Saturday Girlies!!

The weather is finally hot and I mean really hot, perfect weather for a blogger market shopping trip!

Eleventh Avenue hosted today a blogger ”flea market” basically what it is, is a bunch of top fashion bloggers selling their fabulous wardrobe for ridiculously low prices!


I went with my super stylish blogger friend Keara from Modest Style! The deals we scored were unreal!

I felt like a kid in a candy store!


My very first purchase was from Jackie Welling from Little J Style!

This gorgeous Chic Wish Poppy Dress! I was so excited to see it hanging there because I was literally going to order it online! I also picked up a mint 5 strand pearl necklace for just $4!


So the next item is by far the BEST DEAL OF THE DAY!!

I saw this gorgeous mint tulle Shabby Apple Skirt and didn’t pick it up immediately because honestly I thought it would be about $50-60 still a good deal even at that price considering its original price of $128.00!! I finally decided to ask what the price was and my jaw dropped to the floor as she stated it was only $20!! I’m sorry what?! ย I was just about to purchase this skirt for $128 at Shabby Apple last Saturday and she says its only $20!? Oh Happy Day!



My next item was a J. Crew Sequin Anchor tank for just $2!! I mean these prices were better than the thrift store!!


Also I bought an Asos peplum waist belt for just $1! I’ve always wanted a peplum waist belt and I’m so glad to have found it at a steal!


Let’s talk about jewelry you guys!! This was my favorite spot to hit up, just good ol’ digging out jewelry out of a cardboard box! All statement jewelry was just $1!! Yes please! I’m always breaking my fashion jewelry so I try to get deals on jewelry and keep it under $10!

Also I bought some extra that may or may not be for you guys! (*hint *hint*)


This one is my favorite!! Perfect for dressing up that little white tee!


Yellow and polkadots!! Now I know I do not need anymore polka dot skirts but I just couldn’t help myself!! Kingdom and State was having an amazing sale of all their clothing!

So I picked up a couple of necessities! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Now I’ve saved the best for last!! Okay you guys guess how much I paid for this gorgeous sequin mermaid skirt?!!

No, not $10

Not $5

But just $2!!! WHAT?!

I’m still in shock!!

Keara and I bought matching sequin skirts and look forward on styling them for you guys!!



So that does it for my blogger market haul!! Great Deals and I want to go to another one asap!!

What I wore today had to be fairly comfortable but still cute!


I am IN LOVE with this gold polka dot pencil skirt from the Hemline Mom!

I missed out on this skirt last time on and I wasn’t going to let it go by again!


I wore it with a yellow blouse from Ross! Can we just say that Ross has the best solid colored tops ever and cheap too!


Yellow is starting to grow on me! I was never a yellow fan but I can see how cute and happy this color really is! (I would always think of a baby chick when I would see the color yellow and would be kinda turned off by it lol no offence to all the baby chicks but I just dont want to look like one ! lol)


Well that’s a wrap!

God Bless You!




5 thoughts on “Yellow & Gold Polka Dot Skirt Outfit! + Blogger Market Haul!

    • Awwww thank you Margaret!!! Yes!! Never really liked the color yellow til recently!! A pop of yellow in a statement necklace is a good place to start!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’›

  1. This looks like a day in SHOPPING HEAVEN! Such a good concept for bloggers to come together and sell their pieces- of course you are bound to find some fantastic pieces- loving the peplum belt, sequinned skirt and polka dot one- and they are at such low prices, lucky you! Ps thanks dor following my blog, hope you can stop by sometime to see what i’m up to!

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