Disney Fashion Series! Featuring Mickey Mouse Inspired Fashion!!

Hello and Happy Friday!!

Oh my word I am SOOOO excited for this series!! I mean Disney and Fashion are just meant to be together!! This week’s Disney Inspired Outfit was totally based on Mickey Mouse!!


I looked at my closet and knew I already had all the items for a Mickey Mouse Look!


As usual I laid out my outfits whether on computer or on my floor!

Pretty easy peasy!

Mickey’s color scheme is very simple; Black, white, red and yellow! With a few key color pieces I knew I could channel Mickey!



I wore my sheer black polka dot shirt from H&M to tie in the polkadots on my skirt! I love the sweetheart neckline it has!


For my skirt i wore a black on white polkadot skirt that I got from TaraLynn’s boutique!

The material is very thick & sturdy! This skirt could be worn with so many different tops to change the look!



For le hair I decided on putting it up into a sock bun! I have been sporting this hair do for weeks now mainly due to the lack of time but I always get compliments on it! (I’m pretty obsessed with it!) *Pro Tip:* Only do a sock bun when you have second day hair! I had the hardest time keeping my hair up in that perfect bun when my hair was freshly washed because it would slip out of the donut!




Well that wraps up today’s post! I hope you all try this fun look out!! Its was so easy and you probably have the items already in your closet!!

Til Next Time!




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