$20 Modest Outfit Challenge! Week #2! Featuring Lauren from Modern Modesty!

Happy Monday!!!

I hope the Monday blues aren’t too terrible for you all! My Monday is actually quite pleasant today! (I blame the weather!)

It’s week #2 of the $20 Modest Outfit Challenge!!!

So excited to see what deals our modest fashion bloggers scored!!

This week is Lauren’s turn from Modern Modesty!

Oh and by the way her name is pronounced (luh-ren) Heheh I love it!! So chic!



I love the color combination!! Green and cobalt are so trendy for the summer!


She did an amazing job!!! I mean J. Crew Skirt for $11.99?! Yes please!!!

Here is the Lauren’s Grand total!

Blouse: TJMaxx $9.99
Skirt: JCrew $11.99
Grand Total: $21.98 (So close!)
Way to Go Lauren!

Be sure to check Lauren’s Modest Fashion Blog!!

Believe it or not I feel as though most of my outfits (skirt and top ) have been under $20! I wanted to share with you the deals I found this past week at Rue21!

I quickly went to browse through the sales they had and boy what perfect timing to go when they had the ENTIRE store on sale!


EEK! Super excited because Rue 21 is already so affordable!

Walking in I saw a skirt that was made just for me and I couldn’t believe the price!!


A blush tulle skirt?!! for just $20 +extra savings on top of that!?

I ADORE tulle skirts and I’m usually paying $30-$60 each!

But wait! There’s more!

I actually scored this dreamy floral blouse in the clearance rack!! It was marked down to $9.99 but had an additional percentage off making it only $6.99!

Now with the tulle skirt it was $20 + the floral blouse $6.99 making the total $26.99

Almost $7 over budget but I knew I wasn’t going to stop the savings right there!

So I pulled out of my magical barney bag (hahah what? Didn’t you watch Barney as a kid? lol)

a $10 OFF when you spent $20 or more!


And the choir sang ”Hallelujah” as I saw the grand total of just $16.99! Which means that I scored my blush tulle skirt for just $8.50!


So here is the complete roundup!

Floral Blouse: Rue 21 $9.99 On sale but $6.99 with additional percentage off!

Blush Tulle Skirt: Rue 21 $20.00

Grand Total before coupon: $26.99

Grand Total after coupon: $16.99


This week’s $20 Modest Outfit Challenge has been so much fun and I have a couple more in store!!!

Well that’s a wrap!

Til Next Time!



6 thoughts on “$20 Modest Outfit Challenge! Week #2! Featuring Lauren from Modern Modesty!

  1. You should definitely do more of these! I’ve been looking for a tulle skirt for the longest time but they were too expensive! I saw this and I ran to rue 21!
    Thanks so much! loving this tulle skirt.

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