Classic Red, White, & Stripes; Parisian Style

Happy Tuesday Girlies!!

These past couple of weeks have been just go go go for me but I have been working hard to get blog posts up! It’s quite stressful getting all these ideas that are bouncing in my head to actually having the time and resources to do them all!

Does that ever happen to you?

It’s like I know I am a creative person and it frustrates me sometimes that I just don’t have the time/ resources to do all these projects!

It also doesn’t help that I am a very impatient person by nature! lol

I feel as I am always trying to catch up with my brain that’s going 1000 miles per hour! Thus making me very tired at the end of the day! LOL

But as I woke up this morning going thru my usual Instagram feed routine (Do you guys go through your social media feeds in the morning too?) I saw this posted by DulceCandy that really struck me.


If I could give this pic 10000000000+ likes I totally would!!!

I screen shot this and saved it onto my phone because it just hit the nail right on the head for me!

Sure it’s easy to just give up and throw in the towel because I feel ”stressed.” But it wouldn’t be as rewarding!

I sometimes ask myself,”Why am I doing this?” ”Is it even worth it?”

Strangely enough at this time I will receive an email/comment from one of you girlies sharing how I’ve given you inspiration on how to dress more modestly. You girls have NO idea how much you make my day and keep me motivated! Seriously You’re Awesome!

Now let’s get onto today’s #ootd


I ordered this classic black and white striped midi dress about a week ago after my forever21 black and white midi dress got thrown in the wash and the white stripes are now grey :/

So I needed a replacement!

I bought this dress from SheInside and it arrived on Monday!

I am a strong believer in trying things out as soon as I get the package! LOL

I literally open my packages like a starving gorilla!

I don’t care if its late at night and I got my pajamas on, you know I’m going to be putting on a fashion show!


The dress fits like a glove!

It slid on so perfectly and I felt like Goldilocks, not too tight and not loose but just right!

(That’s how the story went right? lol)


I also ordered these red bow heels!!! AAAH!!!

Okay so quick story about these shoes!

So I originally saw these shoes on Just Fab’s website around Christmas time!

I had some doubts of whether or not I could rock these heels, if they were going to look awkward etc..

So I didn’t really think too much of ordering them and I felt a bit ”lukewarm” about these heels!

So I passed on them.


They were so popular that they were sold out everywhere!!

I even was going to buy the Aminaha Abdul Jillil ones that retailed for over $200.

(Yes I wanted them that badly!)

Of course as soon as I saw these heels on SheInside’s website I immediately ordered them without a second thought!

They were $30 but I had a 40% OFF coupon!


I absolutely love my new shoes!!

I have always been a huge fan of the classic black, white and red combination!

Something so french and classic about it!

I wore my favorite little bag from Aldo! Don’t let this little guy fool you it carries ALOT!

Well this about does it for today!

I hope you all are having an awesome day!!And  I’ll chat with you later!




Outfit Details:

Black and White Striped Midi Dress: SheInside

Red Bow Pumps: SheInside

Red Flower Statement Necklace: Fancy Frills Boutique

Black and White Messenger Bag: Aldo

God Bless You!


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