Happy Mother’s Day from My Mom to Yours!

Happy Sunday Girlies!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day!!

Oh moms where do we even start?!

I’m going to start off with a true story my mom told me when I was little that I told to my Sunday School this morning.

There was once a mom and a daughter living in a foreign country in the time of war.

The mother would always beg the daughter to learn how to cook, clean, sew/knit every night with her.

The daughter scoffed at her mother and had no desire to learn these basic life skills.

Months went by and the war broke out.

The enemies would knock down doors and kill everyone living in the house unless they could prove that they were useful somehow.

The enemies knocked down the door of where the mother and daughter where living and the mom began begging for their mercy.

The enemies didn’t shoot them but they agreed unless they could prove they were useful somehow their lives would be spared.

They promised to return the following morning to see what the mother and daughter had made.

There was no way that the daughter could ever learn how sew/knit in just one night and they needed two projects to hand in to the soldiers the following morning.

Can you imagine how the daughter must have felt?!

The mother spent all night sewing and stitching a blanket and she reassured her daughter that everything’s going to be okay and that she should get some sleep.

The soldiers came bright and early that morning to see what projects the mother and daughter had made during the night. The angered soldiers saw only one project made and asked, ”Who MADE THIS?”

Before the daughter could even speak, her mother said, ”My daughter has made the quilt that is in your hands…”

The soldiers took the mother and executed her that day.

She sacrificed her life to save her daughter’s life.

As i finished the story, I could tell the kids were shocked and many of them had teary eyes.

I told my Sunday school class that the next time that their moms would ask them to clean their room, or learn something new, that they would think of this story instead of the,”Do I have to?” response.

My mom is amazing!

If one day I could have the same class and kindness she portrays everyday I would be so grateful!

She is a caregiver and it takes one big heart to take care of someone else 24/7.


Alot of you girlies ask where I get my style inspiration from? And this classy lady right here is the reason why!

Hey thanks mom for turning a tomboy to a lady!


My mom is ALWAYS carrying a smile on her face! and boy does she have some patience!!

I know thank you is probably not going to cut it, but THANK YOU!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Til Next Time!




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