Feminine Floral + Classic Stripes Outfit! + How to Pattern Mixing!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a fabulous week and a great Sunday service!


I had the pleasure of going to Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip Festival this week! All you Utah Locals know what I’m talking about!

It’s a gorgeous festival where more than 250,000 tulips are in bloom!

It’s so picturesque!


A week or so before going to the Tulip Festival I entered a giveaway on Instagram that the Salt Lake Project was hosting!

I rarely enter giveaways but I thought it was worth a shot! (And I had a couple of minutes to spare before going to work lol)

The following week came rolling by and the giveaway was still fresh in my mind (which is odd for me since I tend to forget things like that!) but I wasn’t very hopeful that I was going to win. Later that day I was on the phone calling Thanksgiving Point to see if I could purchase tickets ahead of time and just as I looked down at my screen I saw an Instagram notification from the Salt Lake Project congratulating me for winning the tickets!! Woohoo!! I was so excited and very grateful!

Thanks again Salt Lake Project !!!


For today’s church outfit I decided on wearing a new arrival from my boutique hitting the site tomorrow morning!

Ya’ll ready for this one?!


Yesssss! A striped floral ball gown skirt!! Oh my gorgeous you guys!! I think this might be my all time favorite skirt!!!


Immediately as I got the shipment I gasped out loud! It was pattern mixing perfection!!


I decided on having some fun and do some pattern mixing! You gals have been asking me on how to mix prints and I thought I would explain how to mix and match with patterns!                                                                                                      1. Stripes and Floral Print!


You can never go wrong with this combo!

Why does this work? Because the stripes are black and white thus making it a neutral!

Adding a pop of floral is like adding a pop of color!

If you are intimidated of mixing patterns just start small! For example adding a leopard belt to a striped pencil skirt is still mixing patterns but in a more toned down, less scary kinda way! Slowly begin to get more comfortable with mixing patterns and then you can start mixing and matching like a pro!

Another tip is to make sure that you do not focus on the different patterns but the colors!

As long as both the clothing items have unifying colors and go well with each other you are golden!


For example in my outfit today I have a black and white polka dot top paired up with my striped skirt, this works because the whites and the blacks both match up and are unifying colors throughout the outfit!

Also make sure whenever you are pattern mixing to make one print smaller than the other. Never wear the same size print together since it will look rather odd. Ex. The polkadots in my top are smaller than the stripes on my skirt!




The scenery at Thanksgiving Point was so gorgeous!

I was getting pretty tired from walking the 55 acres of Thanksgiving Point in the hot sun! Too bad the golf carts were all sold out! :/ Hahaha I’m surprised my makeup held up! lol (Rimmel Lasting finish foundation is ahhmazing btw!)



My favorite place in Thanksgiving Point has to be the ”Secret Garden”!  It’s so quaint but romantic!




I truly felt like a classy princess in this skirt! I love how different outfits make you feel different things!

So many ways to express yourself without ever having to say a word!



This skirt will be available tomorrow on the site! Shop ModestlyHot!

Hope you girlys enjoyed this post!

Til Next Time!

God Bless You!






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