Floral & Stripes Modest Outfit! + NEW ARRIVALS!

Happy Friday Girlys!!!

Another week coming to a close and I am so looking forward to the weekend!

This week has been a bit more busier than most weeks but I made it a goal to get my blog posts up!

I really enjoy blogging and especially sharing more of my life with all of you!

So for today’s outfit I wanted to share with you some exciting new arrivals!!



Floral + Stripes?! Um Yes PLEASE!!

The work of pattern mixing has already been done for you! Gotta love that!

Okay but seriously the minute I saw this skirt it just screamed SPRING/SUMMER to me!


I love the fact that it is midi length!! So on trend! And also those pleats?! Its a Win-Win!  (Sorry I am a sucker for pleats!)

I’ve seen this skirt in a couple of boutiques but I could not see myself paying $45-60 for it honestly.

But you can score this cute skirt in my shop for just $28!!

I always keep you girls in mind, not only style-wise but also price wise and I strive to keep the prices as low as possible.

(College girls out there I hear ya!!)


I was going to wear this skirt  for church on Sunday but I just couldn’t wait much longer!!

I wore my striped floral skirt with a classic chambray shirt tied at the waist with a teardrop necklace!

(P.S. Excuse my layered hair I need a haircut ASAP!)



I quickly took an outfit picture before running out the door! I gotta say I sometimes feel like I ”waste” outfits because I forget to take a picture of them! lol #bloggerproblems! That’s okay though cause that means I get to wear it again! (Just not at the same place lol totally kidding!)


I wore my black studded heels because not only are they super trendy but surprisingly quite comfortable!

(Sorry Louboutins!)

This is totally off topic but I love Louboutins as much as the next girl but how is it possible that these $20 heels are more comfortable than $600 pigalles?!  Okay rant over. (Still love ya Louboutins!)


This skirt is up for grabs now! Just $28 at www.shopmodestlyhot.storenvy.com

You can also click the ”Shop Now” tab!

Hope you girls enjoy your Friday and weekend!!

Love ya!!





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