I Love Lucy Inspired Outfit!! (1950’s Fashion LookBook!)

Hello Everyone!!

Happy Thursday!!

Okay I cannot tell you how excited I get when I hear these three words… I Love Lucy!!

AAHH! Something you may not know about me is that I am an avid fan of Lucille Ball!

I think my favorite I Love Lucy episode would have to be between when Lucy and Ethel work at the Chocolate Factory and the the Vitameatavegamin episode!

While I was online searching for I Love Lucy fashion, I stumbled across a Buzzfeed quiz to see which character you resemble from the show! I had a couple of spare minutes so why not?! Hahahah

So here are my results!


Hahahah truth be told I was hoping I’d get Lucy!! lol!

My mom was definitely a big part in my love for all things retro! I never thought I would be able to pull off iconic 50’s look!

I remember my first time trying out a red lipstick and honestly being quite intimidated by it! But now if I could I would totally rock the 1950’s girl look everyday!

So I feel like I’m rambling now and I’ll get straight to the point of this blog post!

Without further ado here is the ”I Love Lucy Modest Outfits LookBook!” *Plays I love Lucy theme song..* lol



For my outfit I decided on wearing a DownEast Navy polka dot peplum top tucked into a full midi skirt!

My skirt is a red pleated full midi skirt from Choie’s purchased last year during the holiday season!
There’s just something about a full midi skirt that feels so right!


I have a few vintage style dresses that I could have worn but I wanted an outfit to capture Lucy’s personality!

When I think of the 1950’s I immediately think of polka dots, red lipstick, and full skirts!

For my hair I curled it into one inch sections and pinned them up to set and cool. I brushed out the curls and formed a vintage marcel wave using my fingers and comb. Lastly I used about a billion bobby pins to sweep it to the side!lol

For my makeup I wanted to resemble Lucy’s style of makeup which she is known for her iconic red lips and crazy long lashes!

I used my fav matte lipgloss from Lime Crime! The velvetines are ahhhmazing! They go on smooth and they dry matte within seconds! Perfect for an I Love Lucy makeup look!

IMG_1668                                I knew I had to include a vintage wide red belt with this look!

The belt was actually from a 50’s dress so that worked out quite nicely!


Upon further reading I found out that Lucy is the same shoe size and waist measurement as me!

Crazy enough her shoe size was a 7 and her dress size a 0 (24” Waist!)



I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and look forward to seeing more in the future!

Til Next Time!





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