Thrift Store Shopping Tips & Tricks! + Clothing Haul!

Happy Thursday girlys!!

I found myself randomly at the thrift store today and I must say that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of thrift stores mainly because of past experiences of never finding anything! And quite frankly I don’t have the patience for it! I am the kind of shopper that likes to get in and get out ASAP! lol

Over the past year or so, I have been taking notes on why I have been so pleased with the thrift store lately and I’d thought I would share some tips that helped me! Stay tuned at the end for a clothing haul!


1. Know Your Brands!

I can’t stress this enough! Knowing your preferred brands will not only summarize what you’re looking for but you will never over pay! For example I know in my head before walking in I am looking for brands such as, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Express, DownEast, H&M, White House Black Market, etc.

2. Know the store’s sale cycle!

It’s as easy as asking a clerk when they add/rotate new inventory!

My thrift store rotates every Wednesday for example!

3. Arrive as early as possible!

This is a no brainer! First come, first serve! Arriving as soon as they open will ensure you go home with the best deals of the day!

Trust me I’ve gone to the thrift store around 6pm and have gone home empty handed!

4. Be Honest!

Be honest with yourself! Ask yourself,”If I were at a retail store would I buy this?” If the answer is yes then checkout! If the answer is no, chances are you’re probably just wasting your money!

Remember it’s not a good deal, if you never wear it! No matter how low the cost!

5. Know your sizes!!

Knowing your sizes in various brands will ensure that you won’t go home with a clothing item that does not fit!

For example, I know that J. Crew sizes run large and that a size 2 is really a size 4! Thus meaning I am only allowed to purchase a size 0 (size 2)

6. Have Fun!!

My last but certainly not least is to just have fun! Think of it as a treasure hunt and some days you’ll hit the jackpot and some days you won’t! But that’s okay there’s always next week!

I do enjoy looking at all the collectibles and unique items at the thrift store!

Now onto today’s thrift store haul! I must say I am so excited how many things I found BRAND NEW WITH TAGS!

Walking in I always go straight for the skirts! The thrift store is an awesome place to find cheap and trendy skirts!

I found this gorgeous Ann Taylor houndstooth pencil skirt for just $5! It’s such a classic skirt with adorable buttons on the front! I can totally see a very polished chic look with this skirt!




I am so excited for this next skirt!! It was the first skirt that caught my eye on the rack! It is a GORGEOUS coral color and guess what?! It was Brand New with Tags!! SCORE! It is from the Target brand: Mossimo! Love the zipper detail it has!



The next skirt that I found was a hot pink Old Navy pencil skirt also BRAND NEW with tags!! I literally squealed a bit when I came across it! ( haha totally freaked some lady out! lol) Ugh. Hot. Pink. Pencil. Skirt. Enough said. Oh and it was only $3!!


I went on to look at the tops and found this adorable floral peplum top!! Now, the reason I purchased it, is because floral is a seasonal trendy item and I honestly do not feel the need in paying alot for trendy clothing that I will wear for just 3 months. It’s from Jessica Simpson and it was only $3! (Perfect to wear with the hot pink skirt no?)

IMG_1459                            IMG_1460


My next purchase was a classic button up shirt from J.Crew! This picture does not do it justice!

Such a timeless item that every girl needs in her wardrobe! Its so crisp and clean when worn!



It is a size M (I’m usually a size XS/S)  but I plan on wearing it tucked in my skirts so it should work out perfectly!


The next top is so pretty!! Again pics do not do it justice! It is so sturdy and it feels so soft! I feel in LOVE with the faux diamond buttons going down the shirt and also on the cuffs!


Shiny things are always a good idea!!


I totally love the skirts and shirts I got today and I hope these tips will encourage you all to go check out your local thrift store!!

Til Next Time,






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