Modest Polka Dot Skirt Outfit! Featuring Agnes and Dora

Happy Wednesday girlys!!

It’s been such an eventful day that I am surprised that I could squeeze in a blog post!

I love writing blog posts it’s like my version of a spa! Like literally!

Today’s outfit was a casual, fun day out on the town look!


Because when you find a colorful wall on the street, it immediately turns into an impromptu photoshoot!


I fell in LOVE with this skirt!!! I saw it on Agnes and Dora’s Instagram page and I knew I had to have it!!

IMG_1422-0                                                                         I mean black and white polkadots are cute as can be, but gold and white polkadots?! Instant GLAM! And you all know how I feel about glam ! Lol

IMG_1420-0                                                                        I adore the fit on this skirt! It’s very stretchy and oh so comfortable! Its like sweatpants kind of comfortable lol!

Initially, I wanted to pair this skirt with a crop jean jacket and a white tee shirt but it was kinda hot out and i didn’t want too many layers! So I decided to wear my all time favorite chambray button up shirt from DownEast and  I tied it twice into a knot! I love the look and shape it gives me!


For accessories I tried to pair it up with several statement necklaces of different colors but it looked very off! So instead I went back to basics and kept it simple and clean! Sometimes you just need the skirt to shine!



How cute is this storefront of a custom frame store I found while walking the streets of Utah?!

Hahah Kinda awkward posing in front of someone’s business when they’re staring out the window! (Anything for a cute pic right?!)


Can I just take this adorable bike home?!! So shabby chic!!


IMG_1430-0                                 Right next to this adorable storefront was Mini’s Cupcakes!! They were the winners of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network! So awesome!

IMG_1431-0                                                                        Walking in I immediately fell in love with the colors!! Baby Pink and tiffany blue and pictures of Audrey Hepburn!! I mean can you get any more classy than that!?

I decided to go for ”The Audrey” cupcake!  (genuis name btw!) It was a madagascar vanilla bean cupcake with cream cheese tifanny blue frosting with edible pearls and gems!! (Princess food or what?!) Oh and I couldn’t resist getting a pink sugar cookie!



That awesome moment  when your shoes match your cupcake!



To my surprise the owner runs this little cupcake shop all by herself!! I can’t imagine how many hours she clocks in!

She was super sweet and she let me go around like a paparazzi taking pictures of her adorable place!



That lamp though! lol

IMG_1401-0                                                                         Quick email break!! lol


Now I haven’t forgotten about these new heels I bought from my crazy shoe haul from Go Jane!


I am slowing building up my rockstud strappy heel collection and these were next on my hit list!

I am in LOVE with the color and the style! The only thing I dislike is how much time it is to put these bad boys on!


On Second thought it does force me to do some sort of exercise/wrestling with my shoes lol!

I hope you girls enjoyed this outfit! It looks like its going to rain right now and I am ecstatic about it!

Til Next Time!






5 thoughts on “Modest Polka Dot Skirt Outfit! Featuring Agnes and Dora

  1. Love your blog! 😊
    So glad you love the white and gold pencil! Have you seen the white and gold dress yet?! Agnes&Dora is always coming out with the cutest prints and styles! Feel free to shop my website for the latest prints from Agnes&Dora!
    Enter acook in the promo code box for 10% off your first purchase!

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