Modest Nautical Outfits LookBook!!

Happy Saturday Girlies!!

Crazy to think that just two days ago I was wearing a long coat with boots and now I’m wearing a short sleeve dress with sandals?!

Seriously someone needs to give Utah a calendar!

But with that being said, I’m so excited to finally bring out all my nautical themed clothing for the summer!


I am so excited to start the Modest Nautical Outfit LookBook!!

By now it’s no secret that I AM OBSESSED WITH ANCHORS! lol! I can’t tell you how many times I walk into a store and buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM that has an anchor print! I blame J.Crew to be honest lol!

I’m not quite sure how this obsession started but I’m so glad it did! (Not sure my wallet loves it as much though !)

I just looove how classy and preppy nautical themed outfits look! My love for the color navy has definitely grown because of the nautical  trend!

For today’s outfit I wanted something very casual and comfortable!


I always lay out my outfits before wearing them, it just helps me visualize them and plus they make cute outfit pics!


I am in love with this anchor t-shirt dress!! It is originally from Old Navy but I scored it on Poshmark for just $8!!


I had asked the girl selling her anchor dress how tall she was to get an idea of how long it would be on me! (posh tip by the way!) She was a bit taller than me (no surprise there lol) so I’d figured it would be a bit above my knee on me!

I tried it on and it hit right at my knee which was fine by me but I felt as it needed something feminine at the bottom to add some texture to the dress! I added my white lace skirt extender and I instantly felt more comfortable in my outfit! You know how sometimes you have to be careful with some dresses like, sitting a certain way or making sure you don’t bend over? That’s kinda how this dress felt before I added the skirt extender, but with the skirt extender I felt as I could run, sit, and stand confidently that I wouldn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions lol!



For my accessories I added this white teardrop necklace from the ”What A Woman Wants Expo” for just $3! My belt is from Forever 21 for also just $3! Best $3 I’ve ever spent considering how often I wear it! Of course this is a nautical lookbook so it would be a crime not to wear my FAVORITE sandals EVER!! These anchor sandals are just .,….. i cant even. …!!! Enough said!



For my hair I wanted subtle waves like if I was swimming all day on the beach (wishful thinking!) I recently have been getting questions on how I get my hair wavy. All I do is use my NuMe curling wand in the medium sized barrel and before releasing the curl I let it cool in my hand for a couple of seconds to set and I softly tug on the curl to form a wave! It lasts all day! No mousse or hairspray is required!

IMG_1287                                Let’s talk about this bag for a second!! I am not the biggest fan of the color brown but cognac is the exception! This little bag carries sooo much its ridiculous! I love how it has zippers on the sides and it kind of resembles the Philip Lim bag that is way more expensive than this little guy! I believe I only paid about $25 for it at my local Ross!


I hope you enjoyed this nautical outfit! Trust me there are way more nautical outfits to come!

Til Next Time





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