Modest Disney Princess Lookbook!! Snow White Edition!

Happy Monday Girlies!!


Its week #2 for the Modest Disney Princess Lookbook, and its my turn at bat!

I chose to be Snow White because I felt like I could channel her, especially with her dark hair and red lips! (I LOVE RED lipstick!)

A friend of mine which I met through Instagram Mildred offered to take me on a photo shoot with her! I got to admit I am quite hard to photograph because I do not take things seriously and will bust out laughing while in the middle of a pose! lol

(Great Job Mildred for your patience with me lol!!)

I wanted to incorporate a frame in my photo shoot so I went on over to Michael’s to find a frame of some sort!

All the frames were just quite honestly boring square frames with no detail whatsoever!

But I wasn’t going to give up just yet! I wanted a frame in my picture and you better believe I was going to find it!!

I went to the wood section and is tumbled across the most gorgeous princess looking frame ever!!

SCORE!! Im in Love!

SCORE!! Im in Love!

I HAD to have it! It was originally $8.99 but I got a 40% OFF mobile coupon with my trusty Snip Snap App!

I took it home and immediately started to paint it black with my chalkboard paint!



I loved the way chalkboard paint looks! It dries in 5 minutes too!

My frame and my nails were all painted and ready for the photoshoot!



I chose a yellow tulle skirt from Windsor and a cobalt blue top from Poshmark for my Snow White outfit!


For my makeup I decided to wear my current favorite lipgloss from NYX! Yes you read right, a super duper HIGHLY pigmented butter lipgloss! I believe it is in the shade ”Apple Crisp” Very appropriate for this look no?


I curled my hair with the smallest barrel size with my NuMe curling wand! I also added this polkadot bow headband that I purchased from Claire’s last summer to replicate Snow White’s famous red bow!


For my nails I actually used an Ulta nail polish in the shade ”Red Carpet Red” and topped it off with a glittery top coat from L.A. Colors which I found at Dollar Tree!


I just can’t get enough of this yellow tulle skirt!!




07uVtbdQ0bYk_lVItchNTMOMHV4hMuyL8s49qQ4wrEA,9elC3j66wSeYKG_P_G6WjnWqLfZFDZsGl-Kmoqw32vE                            Bows on my toes! These heels from Just Fab were so perfect for Snow White! Bows and red always seem to win me over!


Funny Story, after we were done with the photoshoot I went to the store, still dressed in my princess attire and as I was roaming through the aisles I heard a group of little girls say *GASP! ”It’s Snow White!!”  hahaha much too cute! I went over and talked with them and they honestly believed I was the legit Snow White! hahha so cute!

YUXe463ryuqpix73Na_BPrLX3mcg1CCyLLWEp4LcBJ4,qw5yRELdlIIqYs3WG_RoaFMwzVX8smumvYotzpKzYTg,_8gAIuB6SRV9XzFRcT7rv7QXT05L7sv8WstjNXcNAK4                            I had SO much fun dressing up as Snow White!! I hope you girlies are enjoying our Modest Disney Princess LookBook!!

More pics soon to come!



Photography Credit: Mildred Harris

@millycatracha IG


4 thoughts on “Modest Disney Princess Lookbook!! Snow White Edition!

  1. Where did you get the tutu? I’m looking for one just like it for my neice’s sweet 16; since it’ll be Snow White themed.

    You look GREAT btw! LOVE your outfits! So classy!

    God bless!

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