The Makeup Eraser Review

IMG_0867                                                                                                                       Happy Monday Girlies!!

I’m so excited to share with you my wallet’s new best friend lol! Drumroll Please!

The Makeup Eraser!! Oh my goodness girls I have been trying out this cute little thing for the past 2 months and I have to say that I am in love!!

Let me back up and explain why I purchased it in the first place.


Um no, I did not buy it because it was shaped like a huge PINK eraser!


Hahha funny story actually, I did.

With that being said, I wasn’t really expecting it to work that well but i thought , hey it’ll look adorable just sitting on my vanity to wipe my brushes at least.

But no seriously it’s AMAZING!!!! It supposes to remove your ENTIRE face of makeup with just H20. (What kind of witchcraft is this?!)

I thought if this truly works, I can definitely save a bunch of money on makeup wipes/makeup remover.

So basically you wet the pink towel that is provided inside the packaging and there are two types of textures on both sides.

One side is a bit more abrasive and is meant to exfoliate your skin.

The other side is the actual ”makeup erasing” side.

I tried both sides and I have to say I just use the exfoliating side now, because I feel like it removes more makeup than the softer side. I only use the softer side to remove my eye makeup! (So long cat-eye that I spent wayyy to much time on lol)


Now my concern was if the stains were going to come out?! I have used small towels to remove my makeup before and it was a horrifying experience. Not only did it make my face red and irritated, but the stains would not wash out!

Thankfully my skin felt so SQUEAKY CLEAN and soft after washing my face with it.  I threw it in the washing machine and VOILA! It was that pretty pink once again!


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