DIY Easter Treat Ideas!! +Inexpensive Gift Baskets

Hello girlies!!

I’ve been crafting away these past days and let me tell you how excited I am to share some cute Easter ideas with you!

I made these for my Sunday School class as the final prize for the scavenger hunt we are going to have after class tomorrow! I decided to make peeps on a stick since it was going to be the easiest (not to mention the cutest) treats!
For the peeps on a stick all you need is:

~Boxes of Peeps



I immediately started to work on these cute little things but I quickly ran into some trouble!

As always it looked simple enough on Pinterest, I mean how hard is it to put some peeps on a stick right?

Well, lets just say my first attempt was a total fail! As I was sliding the peep on the stick it started to get stuck halfway and tore the peep.:( But of course mom comes to the rescue and tells me to get the oil spray and coat the skewer with a bit of oil so it will slide and Voila it did just that!

Tada!! Super easy after mom's help!

Tada!! Super easy after mom’s help!


Another fun treat I had planned involved bunny peeps but with a Christ Centered Message.

Easter in my opinion should be all about Jesus! But it is hard to come up with Christ centered Easter treats when all the aisles are filled with bunnies and eggs lol!

But I believe that this totally conveys the message to the kids that its all about Christ!




I still smile every time I take a look at these!

For my last and final prize at the end of our scavenger hunt I wanted Easter gift baskets for all my kids.

Having said that, I needed something affordable for the gift baskets for 20+ kids!

I took clear cups and filled them with Easter grass and just stuffed it with goodies and treats!

Can we just take a look at these adorable mini candy egg cartons I found at Walmart?!

IMG_0810   \


So cute and easy right?! I can’t wait to see their faces when they get all their treats!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I’ll see ya next time!





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