Grey & Blush Pink

Hello girlies !!πŸ’•πŸ’•
It’s Wednesday and I’m loving the fact that I do not work today! Lol
Today’s outfit HAD to be comfy, mainly because on Wednesday nights I teach the little ones which requires me to run around playing , “Red Light Green Light”. Lol

Also the weather is gorgeous today here in Salt Lake and it feels like Spring after being so cold yesterday!
With that said, I had to bring out some sort of pink in today’s outfit!

I love a good pencil skirt that I can move freely in, instead of getting stuck halfway while I’m trying to kick a soccer ball. (Not playground friendly )
Today’s featured skirt is one of the most COMfORTABLE skirts ever!
Yes, it’s the textured skirt!
I own several of them but never in the color grey! (Is it gray or grey?!)
I love this skirt!! No need for an iron! (Ain’t nobody got time for that!✨)
Just slip on and go!
Now , I paired up my grey skirt with a gorgeous blush pink! πŸ’• I’m not going to lie , I’m kinda obsessed with this color! The top is a gorgeous wrap around blouse that has crochet/lace sleeves!


My blouse is from Deb.
And my Skirt is from Shop My Sister’s Closet Boutique!

Shop My Sisters Closet boutique has been generous enough to offer all you girlies an EXTRA 15% OFF your order!
Just use the coupon code: LUCKY at checkout
Expires 4/11/2015
So you can score this skirt for $10!!
Hope you gals have a great Wednesday and I will chat with you soon!



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