A Modest Girl’s Must Haves!

Happy Monday girlies!! I’ve really been slacking on blog posts lately and especially this one! I’ve been meaning to write this for quite sometime! As a young lady I know the difficulties of dressing modestly in a non conservative world, but I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the road that I thought would be helpful!💕

1. Number one on my “must have list” is the Infamous Skirt Extender!!



Aaah yes my lifesaver, holygrail and ultimate hero! And no I am not exaggerating !
Investing in one of these is definitely going to make shopping at malls so much easier! I Promise!! Go ahead and buy that dress that is a couple of inches short! (Gasp! Yes I just said that! ) I find that if a dress is slightly above the knee I can still make it modest by adding this lace slip underneath. Not only is it modest, but adds a stylish touch of lace.

2. Número dos on my list is the half sleeve shirt!
Lily Owner of Cupcake Cover Tops was so generous in sending me samples of her tops! Now we all have that dress that is sleeveless, so frustrating I know! I used to layer another shirt underneath the sleeveless dress but would find myself adding more bulk to my outfit! With this you just get what you need which are the sleeves!
Definitely a must have for the summer!


3. We can’t forget about old faithful here! Can you say cardigans?!
In all seriousness cardigans not only make an outfit modest but I love adding a pop of color with cardigans!
Seriously every girl needs one or like 10 cardigans of different colors and shades! There’s just something so preppy about a nice colored cardi!
My fav cardigans are definitely Downeast!


4. Lastly on my list is none other than belts! Skinny belts, leopard belts, chunky belts, statement belts, you name it and you should probably have them! Lol
Come on ladies how many times do we have to size up on a dress or skirt just because it’s a bit too tight?
Yep been there, done that!
What ends up happening is that it meets our modesty standards from the waist down but we tend to look frumpy at the waist. And that’s where a well fitted belt comes in!
I love belts from Target, Forever 21, and Jcpenney seem to have the best prices!


Well that’s enough rambling for one blog post!
Hope you found this helpful!

Til Next Time


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