DIY Candy Land Christmas Wreath/Using Deco Mesh

Happy Thursday Girlies!!

I’m so excited for today’s tutorial!It was so much fun making this wreath! I went on Pinterest and found a couple of ways to make a wreath out of deco mesh and this was the result!

So just a quick back story, I was at Michael’s and was blown away of how GORGEOUS their wreaths were! And of course I turn over the price tag and find a whopping $90 price tag! YIKES! (Its no longer cute anymore. lol)

So like all my DIY’s come from something being way overpriced! On that note let’s get started!
What you will need:
– White Deco Mesh (Walmart $4.98)

– Red and White Striped Deco Mesh (Walmart $7.98)

-Wreath Frame (Walmart $3.00)

– Pipe Cleaners (Walmart $0.88)

– Random Decorations?Candy Canes,Candies,Ornaments


6- Hot glue gun

Step 1:

First you are going to tie two pipe cleaners on the inner and outer wires. Keep doing this all around your wreath.


It should look something like this!


Next, gather up the deco mesh at the end and bunch it up like so. We will be doing the inner ring first.

Work your way all around the inner ring and then without cutting the mesh, work your way up to the upper ring.



You can go over the wreath again with the remaining mesh to make it more full or stop at this point.






Next you want to hide all the pipe cleaners and “fluff” up the mesh however you see fit!
Now comes my favorite part! Decorating!!!
So pretty much I just put two candy canes, little candies , and ornaments all throughout!




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