DIY Dollar Store Vanity/Jewelry Tray!

Happy Thursday Girlys!
I am currently redecorating my room and needed glamorous pieces to add to my vanity. My search was neither successful nor affordable. It was either the store had exactly what I wanted but for the wrong price (wayyy wrong price lol) or it was too plain jane.
So I went out and made my own trays!
Now I am super guilty of ruining my jewelry from not putting it back in it’s box. I can’t tell you how many necklaces are currently in the junk drawer in pieces. 🙈
Anyways I went to Dollar Tree and for just $5 I made myself a jewelry tray that doubles as decoration!
What you will need:
3 silver trays (Dollar Tree)
2 candlesticks (Dollar Tree
Super Glue (Dollar Tree)
Chrome paint (optional)


Now if you’d like, you can paint your candlesticks chrome with a spray paint I found at Home Depot for $4, but I actually like how the glass and chrome look together so I just left it alone.
Secondly you are going to take your super glue and place the glue all around the candlestick and just a bit of glue onto the silver tray.


Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for the next two tiers.


Wait for 5 minutes until the tier is completely stable and voila you’re done!! Super easy and looks really expensive!
Another variation I did was instead of adding a silver tray at the top I added a small round mirror which you can also find at the dollar store. Quick disclaimer if you are making it as a cupcake/cake tower make sure you use something stronger than super glue. But since this is mainly for eyecandy it works out just fine.



I absolutely loved how it turned out and it only took 5 minutes and 5 dollars.
Hope you girls try it out!
Til Next Time


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