Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors/Kids Bible Lesson

Happy Sunday everyone!

I realize I am a couple of days late in posting my Bible School lesson for Wednesday but everything just seems to pile up on that day!
Last week we learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors. Now I know a lot of my kids know this story but sometimes it’s good to have a refresher on it. When it comes to teaching I like to get the kids involved as much as possible, whether it be an interactive craft, role play or a game in between the lesson. Kids have a short attention span and by short I mean like 3 minutes (lol) so it’s hard to tell a 20 minute story without them going completely crazy!
I absolutely knew for this lesson I wanted the kids to participate in the lesson as characters from the story!
A couple of kids were Joseph’s brothers, Jacob, the merchants, Potiphar, and Joseph of course!
They had a blast acting out the entire story as I narrated it.
I knew I wanted a tunic for The lesson but I could not find the right fabric at all! A day before the class I was at Walmart and decided to look at the fabrics I had found the perfect one and also picked up more fabric for skirts. It was kinda pricey at almost $8 a yard but at that point I just wanted to make it already and I knew I wasn’t going to find another fabric that would be just right!
The kids absolutely LOVED the tunic everyone after class wanted to try it on and take a picture with it!

Til next Time








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