My favorite Modest Fashion Bloggers on IG

Happy Friday!!
I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! I’d thought it be fun to do a post on sharing some of my fav modest bloggers on Instagram! I may do like 3 parts to this because I have so many gorgeous ladies that I love to follow! (By the way this is in no particular order, just writing them down as they pop in my head lol)

1. Keara!!!! Also known as @modest_style!
I freaking love this girl! She was one of the first modest bloggers I started to follow! She’s the cutest thing ever!
She honestly inspired me to start my own fashion page after being so fearful of putting myself out there!
And that for I say thank you Keara!!you’re so awesome!



2. Melissa!!!
The gorgeous Melissa! Aka @melbella14
What can I say? She’s super beautiful and her bold and girly outfits rock!
I feel like I know her since way back in the day when she started to post her first outfits and I was barely starting ModestlyHot as well! It’s like we both have grown together on IG lol!
I love all her fashion and makeup tips she gives as well!



3. Melissa!!!! Zimmerman (Yes another Melissa!)
Aka @SkirtedFancy
I recently stumbled across her page a couple of months back but I got say she is soooo beautiful inside and out!
I adore how feminine and girly she is!!
Her style is the cutest ever!!! Definitely go check her page out!



4. Lauren!!! Aka @lauren_modernmodesty
Oh yes the girl who puts the modern in modesty! I would always be on pinterest searching for modest outfits and Lauren would always pop up! I would always look at her in admiration of how she would post modest outfits but with a modern twist!



You should definitely give all these gorgeous ladies a follow if you haven’t already! Thank you all for inspiring me to not be afraid to get myself out there and for all the support you’ve given me! I really REALLY appreciate it!

Til Next Time



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