Rainbows, Glue and a lot of Chaos

Happy Wednesday!!

I love teaching the kids at my church! They say the most random things that sometimes leave me speechless!
I teach ages from 4-10 years old. Now that is quite the age gap when it comes to teaching. The difficulty I have is trying to teach the younger ones with simple terms but without losing the attention of the older ones. I think I have finally found a happy medium.
Last week we learned about Noah’s Ark and how God Always keeps his promises.
I found this adorable pop up Ark from Oriental Trading a couple of months back.

My kids LOVEEE craft time , God forbid the day I don’t bring a craft or else they may fire me lol!
I wanted a simple craft that I can explain easily and that even the younger kids could do on their own.
In the past I had trouble with all the kids finishing their craft on time, (if only I had 8 arms to cut,glue and paste at the same time).
Recently what has been working for us is the good ol’ buddy system. At first I thought the older ones would complain about having to help a younger one but to my surprise they were so excited and eager to help the little ones out!
It was probably one of the smoothest craft time sessions ever! Don’t get me wrong there was still a lot of glue, confetti and chaos all over the place but I’d like to believe it was an “organized chaos”.
For Craft time we did a rainbow mobile that they could hang in their door or room. Now I like to be a very organized person so working with spontaneous little kids has taught me to loosen up a bit and that a little mess is okay. (As long as it gets cleaned up lol) Like I was saying , I like to do all the prep work and already have everyone’s craft all ready to go.


All you need for the mobile is paper plates cut in half, cotton balls, glue and colorful streamers, oh and ribbon so they can hang it. All the kids loved making a rainbow.
Everyone started to wear their rainbows as a necklace, whatever works right?



Til next Time!



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