How to: Watermelon Baby Carriage

imageHappy Tuesday Everyone!

Last week I had two baby showers to attend to all within just 2 days apart from each other. I was asked to bring a fruit salad to one of the baby showers and I remembered about the watermelon baby carriage! Believe it or not it literally took me 20 minutes!

So here’s what you will need: A watermelon (no duh captain obvious!)

Small sharp Knife (make sure its VERY sharp!)

Melon Baller (optional)




Okay so let’s started! First take your watermelon and try to find the ”pretty side.”image

Now take your sharpie and start to map out the shape of the baby carriage in an ”L” shape all around the watermelon. image

Alright flip your watermelon over and cut a thin section of it off. This will keep the watermelon from rolling around all over the place. Cut it VERY thin you do not want to make a hole in it.


Okay here comes the fun part which is cutting the watermelon! Make sure you cut in short sawing motions otherwise you might accidently go off track. image

Next you want to cut a triangle in the corner of the watermelon like so. This will make pulling the watermelon apart 10x easier.


Take that little triangle  piece out and pull the top of the watermelon off.

It should look something like this.


imageNow you’re going to take your melon baller and start scooping out the watermelon flesh. This is optional you can also just take your knife and cut it into cubes but the fruit looks alot cuter when you use the melon baller. image

After you’ve scooped all of the flesh you want to trim the border and make it all clean by scraping the watermelon with a spoon.image

imageNow you are ready to make the wheels for the carriage. I used lemon slices but you could also use pineapple slices. To put the wheels on the carriage I used 3 toothpicks for each wheel. image


All that’s left to do is to put your fruit in and in less than 20 minnutes you have the cutest baby carriage that’s all edible! image

I had so much fun making it and I hope this post inspires you to make one as well!

Til Next Time









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