April Favorites


Happy Monday Everyone! I thought it would be fun to do my favs for this month! They are in no particular order by the way!

Creme Brulee swatch!

Creme Brulee swatch!

1. I have been OBSSESSED with this eyeshadow single from Wet N’ Wild! I saw it at Walmart and thought I would give it a shot at 93 cents why not?! It’s AHHMAZING! I’ve been looking everywhere for a matte all over base eyeshadow! These kind of shades look so boring in the packaging but they make all the difference! I recently went back to walmart and bought 5 more of these singles and got my mom hooked on them as well! 20140428-223819.jpg


2.  I’ve also have fallen back in love with a face powder that has been neglected for quite some time. I was inspired to bust out my Coty Airspun Translucent powder when I saw Still Glamorous’s Instagram post about buying it. I freaking looooveee this powder!! I had forgotten how flawless your skin looks with it on! It’s so soft and has great coverage. I have very and I mean VERY oily skin and this powder keeps my skin looking matte for about 8 hours straight without having to re-powder! I feel like a grandma using a powder puff and sifter when using this powder but it defintely works wonders! I bought it about a year ago and haven’t even gone through half of it! The only con I see with this powder is that it isn’t great to travel with since it is so messy, I wish they would come out with a compact, tavel friendly version of it!                                                                          20140428-223729.jpg

3. My next favorite is a mascara I heard everyone raving about! The Original Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara is definitely my new fav! I’m a total mascara junkie! I don’t care if I have no foundation or eyeliner but my eyelashes always have to be as dramatic as possible! I finally found a mascara that is the blackest black I’ve ever seen! My eyelashes look like I have false lashes on! (the bigger the better!) It can get clumpy if you aren’t careful with it. But I love how it keeps building length and volume with each coat! Super cheap too at only $5!!                                                              20140428-223907.jpg


4. Number 4 is a blush that I got in an Ipsy glam bag a couple of months back. Now I know this blush looks pretty intimidating in the packaging but its super gorgeous on! At first I hated this blush since it was soo bright and clownish. But I finally figured out a way to tone it down. All I do is gently swirl my brush into the blush then I swirl my brush into my face powder and apply it on my cheeks! It gives me a flushed healthy look to my face.   20140428-223649.jpg


5. Last but certainly not least is my Lorac Pro palette! I could write a whole post about this palette alone! Excuse the appearance of my ”well loved” palette. As you can see I’ve hit pan on the majority of the shades and I have to say that this palette s wayyy better than the Naked palettes for me. The thing that sold me to buy it was that it has matte shades at the top and the shimmer shades at the bottom! The pigmentation is beyond amazing and the eyeshadows are so soft and blend out so easily!


I definitely recommend you girls give these products a try!

Til Next Time









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