My life as an In-N-Out Associate

Good morning! I wanted to write this post because I get asked all the time,” what’s it like working at in-n-out?” Or ” how can I get hired ?”
Well I’ll tell you my personal experience with the company. First of all In-n-Out is NOT for the the faint of heart I can tell you that much. It involves a lot and I mean ALOT of constant moving and switching from one position to the next (which makes work a lot less boring I think.) In-N-out is also called by some the “second happiest place on Earth” next to Disneyland of course! Now let me tell you all that smiling does get tiring to maintain especially if a customer is being extra “picky”. That brings me to my next point, at In-n-out no matter what position you are on you’re always going to have interaction with customers there is no avoiding that! So keep calm and smile on when you see that bus load of hungry, moody teenagers walking through those glass doors! Also be prepared to always see lines throughout the day (darn that animal burger why must you taste so good?!) I’ll be honest wages was what made me go in for my interview. They used to start you off at $10Hr but they have raised it to $10.50hr and if you dominate that terminal you get a raise in such a short time! You work for your next raise in ” Levels” so of course if you are a higher level it gives you a bit of bossing rights to the lower levels ( which I never tend to use lol)
You must show that you want to be trained and constantly tell them to have them watch you If you want your raise first! You must be a multitasker especially for the night shifts when the crew is cut down by half. It is definitely a fast paced environment! The pros of working at in-n-out is the wages, friendly associates that become your second family, rewards, giveaways, holiday pay, Christmas gifts, events, and company parties!

Cons: Getting off on time. Your schedule may say that you get off “9pm ” but good luck getting off on time when a line out the door walks in!
You may find yourself going home past midnight! On the other hand if business is much too slow they may let you off earlier. So your hours are based on business.
It is HARD work! Lifting heavy items, shaking fry baskets, wrapping burgers like a machine, cleaning all while keeping a smile on your face!

Overall I really love working in a fast paced environment! I love running around getting stuff done!

In-n-Out is an awesome company to work for! Yes you will break a sweat but hey they constantly reward you , treat you respectfully, and really want you to succeed!

Til Next Time



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