⚓💙Anchors and Giant Lollipops

⚓💙Happy Hump day! ⚓💙 But no seriously hope you guys are having a good Wednesday! Anchors and bows are what’s happening in today’s outfit, I still don’t know if this is a trend I will soon get over (*coughs* chevron print) but I’m still obsessing over it! My belt however was a tad bit long so I FINALLY took the tutorial from Pinterest and made those loose ends look like a preppy belt! (Pinned it and Did it oh yeah!) I definitely had the chance to glam this outfit a bit more but hey it’s good to have a casual day every now and then. Besides I’ll be teaching the kiddos tonight ( kids and statement jewelry do not mix! They just don’t!lol) I have a feeling I’ll be the favorite teacher tonight with these GIANT lollipops I found at Walmart the other day! I kid you not these are as big as my head (that’s pretty big!)
Happy Wednesday
Til Next Time







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