ModestlyHot Blogging?!

Sooo yeah here we are 5 am and I randomly wake up and think ,” hey it’s time to start a blog.” Why not right?
This is giving me a bit of déjà vu back to the time when I first started my ModestlyHot Instagram at midnight out of pure boredom! (I guess my brain works better between the hours of 12am-5am)
I’ve had a lot of fun posting on Instagram and it’s time to get out of my comfort zone once again!
What to expect from this blog?
Modest Outfits 👗
Product Reviews 📝
And just anything else that pops into my head randomly at 3 am!
Alright well I’m still debating whether I should fall back to sleep or get my day started. (I think y’all know which one😴😴)
Til Next Time ✌



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